Hello! Long time no see!
I've been busy with uni\life in general and haven't been able to touch my tablet for weeks.
I drew a little from to warm up after so long!

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Here’s a drawing for my event over at IG. If any of you decides to participate, feel free to post on here as well! ✨

Warning! This short comic contains Kimetsu no Yaiba, Demon Slayer, spoilers from the manga, do not read it if you're watching the anime and do not wish it to be spoiled
I'm sorry 😭

[Boosts are very appreciated💙]
Hello! I'm opening very quick chibi commissions on my Ko-Fi page! These will be open until September 10th!
Please contact me if interested! 😊

☕️ ko-fi.com/noomydoesart

@meiipng aaah she's so cute!!! Love the atmosphere 💙

Chibi ! 😍
Still trying to figure out how to paint these but I feel good about this one!

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I wanted to practice some painting and chose the oh so lovely Kanroji from as my model!

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@thatgirllily haha ngl I thought the alcoholic filling would be a lot weaker, but it was surprisingly strong (and quite runny too, so I had to be careful when breaking it apart)
10/10 should've bought some more for my friends 😂

a quick of something that actually happened to me a few weeks ago

This was supposed to be a much simpler recreation of a scene from but I got too carried away 😅

Finally done with my Astolfo fanart! 💙

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Hello hello, I'm Seo! 😍 I'm a Korean freelance illustrator who loves using pastel tones, drawing faces, and OCs! I'm starting to get into fanart as well! >:-3c

✨ WIX: seorcery.wixsite.com/komi
✨ Twitter: twitter.com/seoffle
✨ dA: deviantart.com/seorcery

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