- alive again
- chill out together
- forgot what brain freeze is
- eat ice cream too fast

Some customized looks I gave the ladies during
(no that headband doesn't exist in-game, but IMAGINE HOW CUTE IT WOULD'VE BEEN)

a DrawThisInYourStyle thingy with the official art

the hobo 🐱, alcoholic mother 🍺, and disaster magical girl 🍭

Been watching cryaotic's Let's Go Pikachu streams lately and they have been nothing but delightful 👌😔

OCS > avatar maker > redraw 👌

Zhou - Dragon/tiefling(??)
Jacob - were (wolf)jackal

i've never played splatoon once but that did not stop me from drawing the joths (jock goths) as inklings 😔

Xion is
- as cute as a button
and also
-fights like an angry shonen protag
you can't tell me otherwise

couple of pink boys picking dragon fruit 🌺🌵
they found one that has horns like dragon boy and he's very happy about it :3c

an accumulation of doodles from my apparent consistent furry AU of these character LMAO

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