@nohsara that looks great. I love the neon look you have going on there

@nohsara This is beautiful. Thank you so very much for sharing your work with us, my friend. ^_^

@geotechland thank you! and i look forward to it! I'm closing up temporarily after i finish the commissions i already have on the docket (im way too busy rn), but i hope to open back up no later than winter break :)

@nohsara Its been a crazy week, thank you so much for completing the commission :)

I'm so jazzed to drop this on the header of the linux lab :D

@nohsara :blobaww: My new linux lite wallpaper. Thank you and congratulations

@elliot231 thanks! I still don't really know what all this linux stuff is about though lol

Thought I'd share what you could sort of call a process gif (sorry for the terrible quality)

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