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The Shattered Plains

Been listening to The Way of Kings lately and wanted to do a few sketches from that world.

My original piece for Commence the Endgame. 30x40", oils on canvas.

Commence the Endgame for Magic: the Gathering

30x40", oils on canvas

Auctioning this one off. Current bid is at $8k:

This week's experiments with photo bashing to make sketches. Felt good to do rough, comfort zone work.

Concept sketch for Chiyum from Rachel Bradley's project, The Sum of Our Deeds

New free reference!

172 pictures from Shenandoah National Park around White Oak Canyon. Tons of juicy closeup shots, textures, ground, roots, rocks, dead leaves, and waterfalls. A fantastic bunch of pics for photo bashing.


Yet another sheet of hand studies from this morning. Still learning.

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