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Should You Write Articles?

Our first Q&A episode for Creators Chat. Hope you like it!

Just a quick video talking about our latest side project, Reference.Pictures


This is by far my most common piece of advice I give to artists. Almost none of them are using enough reference.

New episode of Creators Chat! We talk all about purpose and values and finding meaning in your work. This is an awesome talk for anyone struggling with their work or life. Probably our best episode yet.

Hey everyone, my wife and I are starting a new side project shooting reference photos for creators. You can check them out at

There's tons of free stuff as well as our first paid pack. All proceeds will go back into funding more cool shoots like this one.

Thanks for being awesome. <3

Did a quick little casual oil painting stream earlier. Check it out!

My latest trippy piece: Creating Memory.

Made this one specifically for some leggings, which I'll be starting to sell later this month. <3

Probably my favorite piece I did in 2018: Idylls of Love

If you wanna check out more of my work from the past year, check out this big article I put together with everything I did:

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