Elk's Death
Don't worry it does not come for humans.

- for early view of my characters.

Thanks for the hands, @noahbradley
I decided that since people think hands are hard to draw, I would just go ahead and force myself to include them all the time in comics, drawings.
So of course I'd go and use the hands for just... drawing hands....

Made a really, really simple, free Photoshop brush.

I've found this sort of brush handy for doing my anatomy studies lately. It's easy to achieve all of the little rounded forms you find on the human body.

Hope y'all find it helpful.


@FRENDEN Yep, totally. There just seems to be an infinite variety depending on musculature and movement. The rest can be figured out somewhat, but there just seems to be so much happening in those areas at the same time.

Did some torso studies. Backs are so fucking complicated. Way too many layers of muscles and bones and shit.

Haha, been studying from a few books as well as photos here. :)

Been studying arms today. Long overdue to strengthen my anatomy skills.

@FRENDEN @Cryoclaire

So true. There was a time when it didn't just feel like a yelling competition.

I wrote "Don't Go to Art School" in 2013.

My opinion has only been confirmed in the 6 years since. Art schools sure as hell haven't gotten cheaper.

But a whole batch of new resources are available online.

So once again: don't go to art school, y'all.


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Into the Fire

Painted this a few years back and there's some stuff I still really love about it.

Hey everyone, we made a Reference.Pictures pack of hands! 524 high res shots of hands for studies, finished work, etc.

Grab them here for just $3: reference.pictures/hands

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