Made a really, really simple, free Photoshop brush.

I've found this sort of brush handy for doing my anatomy studies lately. It's easy to achieve all of the little rounded forms you find on the human body.

Hope y'all find it helpful.

Did some torso studies. Backs are so fucking complicated. Way too many layers of muscles and bones and shit.

Been studying arms today. Long overdue to strengthen my anatomy skills.

Into the Fire

Painted this a few years back and there's some stuff I still really love about it.

Hey everyone, we made a Reference.Pictures pack of hands! 524 high res shots of hands for studies, finished work, etc.

Grab them here for just $3:

Jeskai Barricade for Magic: The Gathering

This was a good piece for me--learned a lot doing this.

New free reference pictures from Puerto Rico! Yay!

Use coupon code "free" on gumroad to get the whole pack for free.

Stay awesome, y'all.

New reference pack! Presenting our Ranger pack, featuring tons of good male figure reference, clothing reference, and... bows! Because bows are awesome.

541 pictures, all high res and waiting to be used on any of your personal and commercial projects.


Free reference pack! 310 pictures from Kauai that you can download for free and use for any personal or commercial projects. :)

New reference pack! Launching the Sylvan Princess pack today over on our site.

644 high res pictures you can use for all of your personal or commercial projects.

Thanks for your support. ❤

Little sketch I did this morning while our internet was still down.

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