2005 -> 2011

No matter where you're starting out, you can learn! You've got this. 🀘

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@noahbradley That's a really important message to spread. BTW beautiful painting.

@noahbradley I learned but also I lost all my patience in the process ufgh

@noahbradley wow, you can tranform a lamp into inhabutation for hundreds of people!

Fuck dude, this is impressive. Any tips on how I can practice more effectively? Beyond just doing it as much as possible, I mean. Like I doodle for a while every day but it feels like I haven't been making much progress

@ELJ1 It's all about intentional practice. Just drawing isn't enough--you need to be focusing on learning. It's like building a muscle. Gotta push harder to see growth.

Check out some free stuff I've got on youtube for some ideas on things to study. I've got a few of my lessons on there for free. :)

@noahbradley Does your channel have a playlist for recommended improvement activities, or a keyword I should be searching for? I'm not always into videos so I like to zero in on the thing I need to watch when I'm in the mood for watching (if that makes sense?). Thank you. c:

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