Sketches are a really important part of my process. Until you've done an actual sketch, there's almost no way to tell if an idea is worth pursuing.

So sketches are a low-investment way to trial an idea. If one turns out particularly well, I can spend the 20-30 hours to finish it up.

@noahbradley That makes sense, looking at this morning's quick sketch. I can see how another couple iterations would turn it into an interesting landscape piece.

(I'm a words guy. Artists are actual magicians, from where I'm sitting.)

@noahbradley I'm finally waking up to this idea (esp in thumbnailing towards a specific end). Often I have a great idea in my head. While it's up there, the ideal image is too amazing for me to even try and tackle. But if I start thumbnailing and playing, suddenly the abstract is concrete, and when it's concrete, I can see what needs to be done to get the piece going where I want it. Thanks for your terrific reminder.

Absolutely. It's so easy to stay stuck in your own head and get so wrapped up in thinking an idea is perfect without actually making it.

Dude, your artwork is amazing! The stuff that comes out of your mind is very inspiring. Don't stop arting, please. Also, don't stop sharing it here, please.

When I get done with my current game, don't be surprised if some derivative of a scene you have created shows up in my next one. 😁


@noahbradley the color choices are amazing and i love the fog effect

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