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Made a really, really simple, free Photoshop brush.

I've found this sort of brush handy for doing my anatomy studies lately. It's easy to achieve all of the little rounded forms you find on the human body.

Hope y'all find it helpful.

Did some torso studies. Backs are so fucking complicated. Way too many layers of muscles and bones and shit.

Been studying arms today. Long overdue to strengthen my anatomy skills.

I wrote "Don't Go to Art School" in 2013.

My opinion has only been confirmed in the 6 years since. Art schools sure as hell haven't gotten cheaper.

But a whole batch of new resources are available online.

So once again: don't go to art school, y'all.

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Into the Fire

Painted this a few years back and there's some stuff I still really love about it.

Hey everyone, we made a Reference.Pictures pack of hands! 524 high res shots of hands for studies, finished work, etc.

Grab them here for just $3:

All the sketches I shared earlier, finished.
- Made Janelle's skin darker, fixed her hand.
- Cleaned up lines in the elf portrait.
- Added a simple frame to Queen.
I wanted improve these further, but I am still feeling down and I don't have a lot of energy, so this is it.

done... it's hard to make sure everyone has a similar style. think i may need a few more tweaks to size and some colors. i don't have the energy to draw izutsumi.. i think i'll make a separate one in another style for her later

Character sheet commission for d00r-kun on tumblr of their lovely gal! Had so much fun with the colors on this one!

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With this one -my favorite piece of all- we finish off this series. It was greatly educational for me and I hope I'll be able to work landscapes into more complex pieces. Or maybe some cityscapes… hmm…


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