Here's a lino print I did a few years back (blimey, 2015? Really??)

- Now *there's* a hashtag you don't see every day! 😉

Some more art, this time featuring a big old toad guy!

Also included some process shots, because I enjoyed building this picture up. At least, that's how I remember it now. I'm sure at the time the tap-tap-tap of all that tap-tap-tap pointillism would have driven me to tap-tap-tap despair!

My last picture (so far), this time a digital painting of Robert Pattinson, drawn in

I tell you what, if your art isn't getting much attention on the old bird app, using hashtag does wonders for your numbers 😄 but as we're in polite company here, I'll just use these:

Another picture, a white pencil of Willem Dafoe as Thomas Wake. I must watch this film again sometime soon, as it's good for firing up my creativity!

I loved the Lighthouse. I mean, it wasn't always comfortable viewing, but I sat in that cinema wanting to draw every shot. I mean, you've seen the stuff I like to draw by now (and if you haven't, you know what to do!). That deep-contrast black & white stuff is very much my kind of fruit preserve.

This drawing is scratchboard, white with black ink applied then scratched into. Quite a fun technique, I'd definitely recommend trying it.

Portrait of David Tennant as so beware of demon eyes in full view. (Took ca. 5 hours, about A4 in size, pencil)
Haven't touched graphite in over a year, so please be kind :artsweats:.

Skulls (drawings of) 

I got started drawing them many years ago, because we had an actual from-a-person skull in our art class at school - which didn't strike me as odd at the time, but now I'd love to know how it ended up there. Did a former pupil bequeath it to the school in their will? "In the event of my death, here, draw this"? 💀

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Skulls (drawings of) 

As you might be able to tell from my avatar, I do enjoy drawing fleshless faces. (in one of my alt-texts I nearly wrote "a skull, face-on" which is a contradiction in terms)

There's a good collection of techniques here - pen & ink, colour pencil, black and white pens, scratchboard - it's my go-to subject when trying different media 🙂

Look at these boneheads! Don't they look happy with their big toothy grins? 💀

Doctor Strange movie 

Went to see the new Doctor Strange movie yesterday. Not giving too much away, but ooh boy, it depends on you watching everything else!

If it were an actual comic book, every panel would have a footnote:
* see Wandavision!
* see What if...!
* see everything Disney and Sony have put out over the last 20 years, true believers!

I hope they come up with something new soon or the timeline of upcoming movies is going to look like Ouroboros

You know what I haven't done in a while? Posted a pic! So here's Christopher Eccleston as the... ninth? But then John Hurt was added... Tenth? But then there was that massive timeless child mega-retcon thingy... Okay

Christopher Eccleston as the one-million-and-ninth

Marked sensitive for eye contact (if I've drawn the eyes right, which isn't always guaranteed)

I think I've earned myself a movie and a bag of crisps, don't you?

The Owlbrarian

In yesterday's poll, 80% of you wonderful people felt that an Owlbrarian was an owl who catalogues books, rather than a person who catalogues owls - which I was secretly glad about as I'm rubbish at drawing people.

That beautiful calligraphy is the work of @welshpixie and is the reason the picture has a touch of class.

So excited about having my first ever garden by the end of the month🤞 I've been putting the cart before the horse, we have garden furniture and I have bought seeds.
I have such plans!

my original 'Birdhouse' is available here👇

See, now, what you're thinking of there is an Owlbarian. Similar spelling, but a totally different thing.

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Good hellos, friends! I hope life is treating you gently. I have an important question which must be answered this very evening (or whatever time of day it is where you are)

Picture, if you will (say you will - oh, you must!) an owlbrarian. You know, like someone who works at the Library of Owls.

Have you got that image clear in your mind? No? Okay, I'll give you a minute.

You done? Right, now, what is an owlbrarian, other than a word my spellcheck has finally, reluctantly accepted? Is it...

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