I liked the portal thingy and wanted to make another one with motion so viola

Hey so I suck at remembering that the fediverse exists but here's a sleep-deprived thing I made tonight loosely influenced by No Man's Sky.

Today is ! If you throw money at any of my music, I get Bandcamp's share in addition to my normal share. 😃 nikolyst.bandcamp.com/album/co

Question for fellow musicians and video artists: ko-fi, commiss.io, or both? I like the idea of potentially receiving commissions but I'd also like to sell things like wallpapers, VJ loops, ring tones if anyone buys them nowadays, etc. Any input is welcome and appreciated! :da_grin:


My name is Nick. My real name isn't unique so I release all my creative stuff under Nikolyst. I make music and video art. I have OCD and anxiety which makes it difficult to determine whether I want to make a living from IT work (current day job plan) or from music / video art. Honestly my OCD makes lots of decisions difficult but I'm doing my best to embrace the gray area that is real life instead of getting locked into binary, black or white outcomes. Happy to be here :]


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