i just reread mamotte lollipop and ugh, it was such a cute story but it could have been..a lot better.

Process gif for my most recent painting (seems like you may need to click on it in some apps to view)

Warning for moving video! The animation I worked on, but it's not done being edited, and i plan on refining it

Been nonstop at dayjob since Friday, but I found a little bit of time for some doodles. Excited to get back to my desk for comic work though 😪

hi guys! this is my good friend drawn as a pokemon trainer! also, friendly reminder my are open!

Hello everybody!
I'm an account that boost art made by artist women of the Fediverse. My purpose is to share women's art and help artist women to be more visible. I will boost toots made by professional and amateur artists alike.
I'm not a bot. All boost are made manually.

i drew myself as a pokemon trainer! This isn't the final version, as I decided to redo it but i felt bad for the lack of posts!

I have so many more drawings of warriors with horns like the one from yesterday. They are part of a whole dark fantasy world I was building once upon a time.

#mastoart #conceptart #Worldbuilding

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