a semi-realistic Chance to help flesh out her look some more. I wanted her to have a really dramatic angle in her jaw and cheekbones and I think I pulled it off nicely.

“Finished, not perfect,” I chant to myself. Nothing has gotten done. Sticky notes are all on my walls. Chores and goals slip past me and soon as I make them. I am a chaos of inspiration that has yet to me determined enough to put it to pen and paper. I am on fire. I AM fire.

And yet, the fire doesn’t burn.

“Finished, not perfect,” I whisper, and yet, I am still, unmoving.

im so close to being done with this semester..Two more finals and im FREE!

pulled an all nighter playing smash and working on commissions before ending on some personal art celebrating

does anyone know if theres a sims instance? i'd be interested in joining one

mastodon staff change it from boost to retoot
retoot if u agree

look at how weird my boy Apollo is!

#oc #mastoart #reference

So about Apollo, why is this boy so weird, what's up with him not knowing how to read?

He’s an alien.

His body is a cloned one rented for cheap because the eyesight is fucked up.
The glasses help, but could be better.

The travel agency works like thus: they put your mind in a cloned native body and put you on a planet with basic info and a homebase, then let you mingle.

its all inclusive and he's here to be inclusive! (party)

my character, Chance, a for Curse of Strahd! She's an amazing idiot and I love her!

I continue my slow migration from my other social media to here, so, here's more art from OCtober. Muh girl Natalia. Can walk through dreams. Keeps getting caught up in shit she never asked for. Tired. Unfortunate.

#art #mastoart #creativetoots

Hi Mastodon! I draw elves, your OCs, elves, demons, spooky things, and elves.

Character design for a doctor/herbalist for the Final Expedition game!

i put together a ton of one-image beginner-friendly drawing tutorials that folks here might find helpful, including this one! megathread below 👇

even well-rendered materials can use a boost to be more eye-catching. entirely painted with the hard round default brush in PS.

hi hi! My name is Lydia. I made art on tumblr that occasionally had titties in it, so now I’m here. I like making art starring witches and mermaids and general sapphic fantasy. I also make comics!! I’m so excited and nervous. Message me or something or however that works here. Xx

a few months ago i made the poster for amnesty! it started as a messy, fun doodle and ended up as this illustration which you can now buy in the mcelboy's shop:

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