Been playing Assassins Creed 4 lately so I drew me a sailor!

WIP of something im slowly working on between work and projects.

A friend pulled me onto a project he has been working on for a while. these are some beginning sketches of the main character Suzy.
I'm still get to "know her" and when I draw her she still doesnt feel right.

Good morning! dont forget to smile!

just really liked the energy of this, sketchy warm up.

calling it done, works too long on this and while its not perfect to me, its good enough. Ive started recording my projects as well, so the video will be up soon.

OH FFS! i did it again >< i had been saving it out as a png vs a krita file so none of my layers had been preserved. what the freaking hell is wrong with me lately... so im going to go find a courner and cry for about 3 hours and then try again.

so my dumbass at some point merged my sketch layer with my linework layer and didnt realize it until it was too late. so now I have to go back and redo the lines. so upset by this rn, because I was really enjoying the process of this, but I really dont want to have to redo it....

so in case I dont here some WIP cause i need about 90 minutes to sit and cry before coming back to it.

Just a fun little collection of facial expressions I did for fun.

related to the last image i posted. I was incredibly tired when I sketched out the elk in the bg, the next morning I fixed it but I needed to keep the original because it was too derpy.

Been putting a lot of hours into this and im not happy with it, but I figured Id post what I have so all the time dont go to waste. this is mostly what I want to create, large scenes with a horror aspect, maybe even turn them into 3D works. allowing all assets to be downloaded for free.

maybe one day I'll finish it.

did this fun little face and it went further in detail than intended but I really liked it.

This is available for download, copyright free!! turn it into a poster or use as a 3D texture asset.
.Tiff File, 8.5x11 and 300 DPI
Download here!

Just finished Kipo and the age of wonderbeasts with the gf and loved everything about it. so I needed to draw some art of the characters. Plan to do the Timber Cats next!.

there is also a video of the process sped up

hell all!

anyone got any recommendations for video recording software, specifically for recording video games, or digital art.
I use Krita and OBS wont work with it anymore, and while X-slpit will capture a section of my desktop to record it, it so incredibly slow and makes doing anything art wise a pain.

open source/free is preferred, but id be open to a small sub fee if it works.

thanks guys!

Drawing again feels so good, I haven't been able to do much for months.

this isn't much but I'm hoping this leads to something bigger. I've started recording my process, you can find the video of this planning, sketching and inking stage here --->

I will be coloring him in the next few days and uploading that video as well.

working on some new art, been a sec since ive been able to do much at all. so this is really refreshing for me.

small update:
couldnt get the start up money for the candles going, so its on hold until we figure out somethings. but we couldnt keep payin rent where we were at, so we are in the car or on friends couches again until further notice.

its coming together. is getting ready to launch. we are just finishing up all of our paperwork and all the horrible math thats come with it. my head is spinning. its easy for me to stay up 478927548 hours straight and make art, but 5 seconds of math makes me want to quite lol

but last thing to really do is clean up and finalize the labels and order them and then we will be ready to sell.

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