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I have risen from my grave on social media to properly announce that I have opened a Ko-fi page.


I am relatively new here, yet if you wish to follow and support me on Ko-fi, you are more than welcomed 🤗💕💕 Also, let me know if you have a page there!

I took a ridiculously long time to announce it, mostly because I wanted to make it special. Thus, I made another self-portrait with watercolors— which is a medium I rarely use.

Afternoon mograph/VFX. I call it a spirit ball. I was experimenting with procedural boolean cuts (which were slowwwww), and developed this little energy effect thing. There are also some little volumetric motes of dust floating around that made Blender crash and I lost data. Sad face.

#Cat with shining eyes :ablobcatowoevil:
It had parts packed separately and @ar and me had to attach them to finish its circuit.

Swan and Canine

A very obscure fact: In the beginning, Joðgeirr (Ísfríðr's brother)'s spirit was going to be transferred in the body of a direwolf instead of a sword. Because Ísfríðr loves animals. But it was a short-lived idea and I changed it to sword. So this is a sort of a reprise to the original plan— albeit unintentional. Still, her favorite animals are direwolves.

I rarely draw animals. 😅

Finished Part II of her lore:

Hope you enjoy~

New artwork (and I'm fairly certain this is my best work to date):

Golden Eagle

© 2022, Tanweer Dar

#Art #Artwork #DigitalArt #Krita #GoldenEagle #Eagle #Bird #MastoArt

I am back ✨ and feeling a little better than before. I missed posting artworks.

Here practicing with perspective and doing comics. I've been meaning to show this a month ago, but my health failed me before I could even show it. Though, it's finally here!

Sorry that I've been utterly silent these days. I was at the hospital.

It might be how sad I feel today, but I get a heavy mood from George Roux's "Spirite"; airy and almost whimsical, but with a sense of loss from a better time long ago that was filled with happy pretty people.

#art #traditionalart #painting #oilpainting #beautifulwoman #beautifulgirl

The less I use Twitter, the less I want to use Twitter

A simple sketch of what Ísfríðr wears under her coat. I know I just introduced her, but in all my years of drawing my winter child, I've rarely shown how she looks in a different outfit. The tunic is made of linen while her pants and undershirt are made of caribou skin.

The boots have direbear fur— which they're good against the cold. I thought of making her tunic have more designs in it, but it was better to leave it that way.

More feminine, more inviting, or more exotic? Any way I slice it, the purple version of my "The stars aflame" looks interesting.

#art #MastoArt #digitalart #painting #digitalpainting #spaceart #nebula #stars #starcluster

This portrait is of the stunning Ébène in her awakened form for the wonderful Mathilde Périé. This commission was a delight to work on and I'm very happy with how it turned out!

It's finally raining after weeks of pure heat and dust, and I am happy. ❤️

Lastly, this artwork was made with markers, pens, colores pencils, brush pen, and chalk pastels. It was a lot of fun to do.
The rune is Hagalaz, which means "Hail"

I hope you like her! 💙💙


Support me on Ko-fi:

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Time to introduce one of my all time favorite OCs. Ladies and gentlemen, meet my winter child: Ísfríðr (Isfrid) ❄️
I created her around 2015, and despite her angry look, she is a sweet (and powerful) cinnamon bun. Her information is way too long and complex for me to write up 😅 So I've decided to post her biography in video format on Youtube.

The drawing is from October of last year, but it's because this is another video that took me months to finish as well.

This is my new piece "Hot entry over the desert", a meteor or perhaps a spaceship coming in over vast sandy dunefields, as seen from the remove of orbit.

#art #MastoArt #digitalart #digitalpainting #painting #scifiart #scifi #sciencefiction #spaceart #spaceflight

My new piece "Striped dark cloud nebula in red". Black enveloping glowing red; a sign of sinister forces at work in this part of space, or wonders extending an invitation to the adventuresome?

#art #MastoArt #digitalpainting #digitalart #painting #spaceart #nebula

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