I finally bought a drawing display and I'm loving it sooo much. This is a sketch for an hypothetical bookmark design. I called it "Moon Disciple". It gives me mtg vibes

CW: eye contact

A quick sketch for a future full-fledged fan art of this masterpiece

Not particularly satisfied by it, still wanted to share it 'cause it's kind of rare for me to draw fan arts

CW: eye-contact

I easily get bored by studies, so they all look kinda sketchy and I don't feel too confident about 'em.
Though how can one keep Peter Murphy all to itself?

🦇 Bela Lugosi's dead
Undead, undead, undead 🦇

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Hi, nerohazet here! Let's introduce myself. After years of doubts and self-sabotage I realized how much I would like to spend my days painting instead of working in a factory, so I decided to explore the world outside my cave and share my work.

This is my latest piece, its called "Unbearable Light". Hope you like it 😃


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