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did a second pass on the burger and also made it A Character

did a second pass on the burger and also made it A Character

trying some new things with violet's design while I try new things with her story

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hey gang i'm planning on posting some of my NSFW content on here going forward so if all people under 18 could unfollow me that'd make me way more comfortable here. thank you πŸ’–

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hi everyone in .art! i miss you a bunch but all i have drawn lately has been SUPER nsfw so...take my word for it

working on comics I'm not allowed to show but it's a lot of fun, yay! how are YOU

people to me @ work: wow this is the best job ever you get to play with toys all day

me counting individual marbles for inventory:

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I work at a small locally owned toy store and a Wonderful Woman just came in

β€œeverything here is really overpriced” thanks it’s a small toy boutique
β€œyou know. it’s not very interesting in here, if you don’t have a cursory interest in childrens toys” thanks for coming in to let me know you are Above Joy
β€œdo you know where we can get like, a real cocktail?” what
β€œi don’t know what adult would shop for themselves here under any circumstances.”
*her boyfriend almost breaks a glass display case*

character design, trying to tighten up my forms a bit

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