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leaders in modern fits πŸ’ŽβœŒοΈπŸ“ who would you like to see next? ✨

gonna do some comic work today then maybe a couple art trades and I want to draw tifa and oh no I am trying to do too much already

tattoo appointment booked for august 28th at 11am!

every now and then I get an email or tweet that is like "when will mermaid comics update again" and I'm like "never with that attitude"

I kind of miss mermaid comics but not enough to actually make more mermaid comics

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if anyone's looking to relocate to some fresh surroundings, i'm open to taking some mutuals over here on
:tp_r: :tp_e: :tp_d: :tp_r: :tp_o: :tp_o: :tp_m:

it's small and the local is 98% me, but i've got some cool emojos over here and block shitty instances quickly and readily

shee-eesh drawing is hard for me lately

just bit the bullet and emailed a tattoo place about getting something I have wanted for like, four years done

this might change a fair bit as I tighten it up but here's some sketchy gay for you

like it is just so weird to be a "good artist" and have to relearn, from the ground up, how every body part works every time I start a new drawing. studies do not help either, because I'm working in such a stylized way and when I do studies I am too literal minded and unable to translate what i "learn" (if anything) to my comic work. I feel like I've hit the ceiling on my ability and not only is it not that high a ceiling, I'm slipping further and further away from it. great feeling all around

"don't compare yourself to other artists" is good advice but what do you do when you can't even compare your work to your work without feeling like an incompetent dumbass

lmao I don't actually know how I even manage to be this inept at drawing lmao

going to do fanart tonight because my character designs are kicking my ass

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