Metal Gear Country. Donkey Kong Solid.

I think MGS would also work with "tropical freeze" as a subtitle. in this context I imagine it's a character's codename or some silly bioweapon

ok it's the weekend I'm gonna pencil three pages ✏️✏️✏️

throws entire planet off cliff (including cliff)

been inking all morning and now it’s afternoon, pretty cool how time works

my new minicomic is selling really well and it is a good feeling

I sold enough PDFs of my new comic to get luigi’s mansion 3, which is why i made the comic in the first place. yessssss

beat tropical freeze in 1:51, happy funksgiving

4/5 comic pages done and i started this thing on FRIDAY. 1 and a cover to go!

i’ve inked three pages in about two days whatttt gonna do some more

@neil just about two pages in now. three and a half to go or so

I'm pretty much a page deep into this halloween short so I guess I'm drawing a halloween short

sexy demon boy 

every now and then i remember i can in fact draw pretty well

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Black Dram updated :D this too early? I hope it's not, because I don't like evening reblogs :V

nsfw mention 

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