witch wives!!! WITCH WIVES!!!

Leliana and Tatiana are wives that own a magic/curiosities shop together!

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4 dreams hell event gives me creeps, but i like it.
when i was reading the story i felt that animation would add much more depth to the moment.
so i made it.

Finished! :D It's black ink on A5 size 220gm smooth heavyweight paper, $50 USD which includes worldwide postage should anyone want to nab it :)

Haven't really felt the urge to do 3D for fun in like years, it kinda hit me tonight so I decided to squeeze the most value out of it possible and just... indulge myself with some elves ':v

This is a shape block so bits are floating but I don't really do details beyond this without retopping first for maximum smoooothness and control in my meshes

I got a commission to make an analog painting of one of my digital paintings! I'm using oils so it's going to take about a month. Ieven stretched and prepped the canvas myself. I'm trying out a grisaille technique, so I'm doing the underpainting in all grey and then adding color in transparent layers over it for that glowy light. I'll start on the color this weekend. Here's the process so far:

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