My background art studies. I used a reference for this, but at some point our ways split. I'm not that happy with it, I got to practice a bit more. At some point i just started to use all brushes I thought would be useful, I love Krita brushes!

#art #krita #practice #studies #mastoart

witch wives!!! WITCH WIVES!!!

Leliana and Tatiana are wives that own a magic/curiosities shop together!

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If you can help us reach our goal our entire community will thank you! Otherwise, just keep being your awesome selves!

4 dreams hell event gives me creeps, but i like it.
when i was reading the story i felt that animation would add much more depth to the moment.
so i made it.

Finished! :D It's black ink on A5 size 220gm smooth heavyweight paper, $50 USD which includes worldwide postage should anyone want to nab it :)

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