Hi!! I'm a digital concept artist based in Moscow, currently working as a storyboard artist in animation ✌️

I love worldbuilding, all sorts of
fiction, and I enjoy studying psychology and anatomy. I draw all sorts of things but enjoy drawing monsters, characters and my own headworld stuff the most!

You can find me on:

Thanks for reading 💜

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@nayro Great work, I look forward to seeing more of it:). Glad you've decided to join the fediverse!

@LPS Haha thank you! I've been on here for a few years, I just needed to update my introduction toot 😂

@nayro you work is so awesome!! i love your technique and your style :tialove: :da_bounce:
I'm a storyboard artist too, recently i have the question how show storyboard portfolio

@reese_pony Thank you, your work is quite lovely too!! Not sure I understand your question though?

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