Intro post! I'm Lauren, dark fantasy & horror artist.

My commissioned work is typically book covers and interiors, but I want to focus back on my personal art.

I've been so disconnected from social media for years but this place feels like an Olden Times art network. Fingers crossed!

@navate Welcome here!

By the way, I really dig that third artwork. I like the look you gave your character.

@Sylvhem Thank you! It’s Daenerys from GoT, for an illustrated edition of A Clash Of Kings.

@navate I didn’t read the books nor watched the series, so that’s why I didn’t recognized her ^_^.

@navate Welcome! It's definitely cosy here on the Mastodons. ^_^

@Pekkuvaeltaja It really seems so! I’m excited to be part of a community again.

@navate `Still figuring out this site`, but you have figured out the art portion.
Fantastic work, thank you for sharing

@imnotafeline Thank you! It’s a really personal piece so I love how much it resonates with people. 💜

@navate It makes my mind race wondering what those witches are up to. :thaenkin:

@navate just made it my phone wallpaper. How can we all support you?

@navate Welcome. Great pieces, I especially like the first one. It soooo very hard to achieve that ember effect. Kudos.

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