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Hey everyone! This is my final for my photo class this semester: Imaginal Solar System.

I took pictures of walls and floors and processed them to look like planets.

I hate how every show I seem to discover is in the middle of their final season.

I can't go to the movies anymore without confronting the fact that the planet is changing and going to kill us all

I wish they did they last season of Jessica Jones in black and white

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Oh my God the news in the US is terrifying this morning. The government is fabricating evidence to start a war with Iran and the south is setting up to challenge Roe v Wade.

Good fucking morning.

Uuuuggghhh one of the things that's been holding me up is that I'm trying to figure out my export sizes and resolutions for different platforms.

I've got Instagram down, I'm just trying to figure out my wordpress and flickr. Also where exactly I want to host. Oh my gosh so much reading

This honestly feels like the first time I've been had any free time the last few months. I finally get to work on some photos and update the blog.

Haven't been here forever.

Latest of the planets. Don't really have a name for it, still undergoing edits.

Been taking some awesome pictures of textures and I'm pretty excited to see how they turn out.

I'm starting to get involved with too many projects again

I need a something to figure out how to manage all my stuff at work, I have a bullet journal, but I feel like my ADHD still keeps me from getting stuff done.

The studio is so slow the 1st quarter of the year. I've measured and labeled all the XLR, and reorganized the equipment room like 5 times.

Into the Spideyverse got me to listen to and like a Post Malone song; I'm pretty mad about it

Took some pictures in my day off in the snow. Got pretty obsessed with trees.

Finally got my first post on my blog.

First post I put up were those planets I originally posted here. Gonna be a project I work for all of 2019.

I have early screening tickets for Glass tonight and I am WAY too excited. I've probably watched Unbreakable and Split like 5 times in the last few weeks.

I've determined that the train is the only way to travel

Oh my God I finally get to go on vacation. I'm taking the train to go meet my girlfriends family.

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