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Sculpting is more of a hobby for me. It’s something I love to do inbetween jobs, and it has seriously helped me be a better artist. It’s like meditation for me. Here’s one of my favs. A greenman… ofcourse

Hi there! My name is Iris and I’m an artist and illustrator from the Netherlands. Things I do are MtG art, Dark Crystal Bestiary, Labyrinth Bestiary and I created my own world called Faeries of the Faultlines

I love designing fairies! Here’s a fairy warrior I drew a while ago 🗡🧚

I made this drawing for 'Klein wonen magazine' for their 'Youtopia' section. Here they interview a prominent figure that describes their personal utopia. In this case, climate change adapted landscapes, which creates a biome similar as in the Eemien epoch. A network of forest gardens, organically grown architecture and technology based on biomimicry. Drawing was made with pen and coloring was done in .

„The monsters of the city“
A collage I created last year. It‘s a digital collage from a pic i took in my hometown Frankfurt (GER).

Same-same, but different.
Something along the same lines (ahem!), but less spontaneous and more of a futile exercise in just balancing the values on a page.

#Drawing #PenAndInk #AutomaticDrawing #LineArt #BlackAndWhite #Surreal #Landscape #Cartoon

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Sometimes, it seems, most of what I do as automatic drawings, may not really be automatic. Even though that's how they start—the initial lines tend to suggest a direction and then a form. At times I follow these triggers, and sometimes I deliberately reject them so it remains as much of a subconscious thing as possible.

No clue what Austin Osman Spare would consider it. Likely shit! 😬

#Drawing #PenAndInk #AutomaticDrawing #LineArt #BlackAndWhite #Surreal #Bizzare

Je ne sais pas encore si je préfère avec ou sans dégradés mais je commence à pouvoir faire des diagrammes qui sont plutôt jolis quand même

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Le précédent est avec des points aléatoires, mais en disposant les sites du diagramme de certaines manières, on peut obtenir de jolies formes.

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Coffee beans. I don't drink coffee but I loved the "texture" of the image.

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