I take a small break from maths right now (I don't know when I'll come back to it, but I'll do, I can't do otherwise in my life) but sometimes I find back old things I might not have shared.

So here it is :

I added to our online shop shop.ondin.es two of my favorite projects ! Namely Voronoï flowers and Voronoï snowflakes.
With plenty of colors and symmetry <3

J'ai ajouté à notre boutique en ligne shop.ondin.es deux de mes projets préférés ! Les fleurs de Voronoï et flocons de Voronoï.
Avec plein de couleurs et de symétries <3

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Hello !

It's been a while since @digit and I have been sharing our common passion for creative coding, with the idea of understanding and designing algorithms that generate artistic images.

We think we've reached interesting results and we've opened an online store: shop.ondin.es!
It is possible to buy pen plotted or printed designs and ask for commissions.

Today is the official opening, don't hesitate to boost!

Bonjour !

Ça fait un moment qu'avec @digit on partage ici notre passion commune pour le "creative coding", avec l'idée de comprendre et concevoir des algorithmes générant des images artistiques.

On pense être arrivés à des résultats intéressants et nous avons ouvert une boutique en ligne : shop.ondin.es !
Il y est possible d'acheter des dessins réalisés au pen plotter ou imprimés, et demander des commissions.

Aujourd'hui est l'ouverture officielle, n'hésitez pas à booster ! :boost:

Street fashion.

New pens, the colors are less "punchy" but also my photography skills are awful and I can't use my scanner with A3 paper. It still looks great though ! 😊

Original photography from : pixabay.com/users/victoria_bor

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Coffee beans. I don't drink coffee but I loved the "texture" of the image.

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A lot of details and jewels in this one. I wanted to see what I can do with that.

I'm pretty happy of the result !

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