Same-same, but different.
Something along the same lines (ahem!), but less spontaneous and more of a futile exercise in just balancing the values on a page.

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Sometimes, it seems, most of what I do as automatic drawings, may not really be automatic. Even though that's how they start—the initial lines tend to suggest a direction and then a form. At times I follow these triggers, and sometimes I deliberately reject them so it remains as much of a subconscious thing as possible.

No clue what Austin Osman Spare would consider it. Likely shit! 😬

#Drawing #PenAndInk #AutomaticDrawing #LineArt #BlackAndWhite #Surreal #Bizzare

Je ne sais pas encore si je préfère avec ou sans dégradés mais je commence à pouvoir faire des diagrammes qui sont plutôt jolis quand même

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Le précédent est avec des points aléatoires, mais en disposant les sites du diagramme de certaines manières, on peut obtenir de jolies formes.

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I did it! Finally made a full video showing how I make isometric mini worlds in #Krita out of Creative Commons photos and images.

This world has a Japanese tea garden theme, and I ran the screen recorder while I made it, then added commentary of the process.

I'm looking for feedback on which techniques used people would most like dedicated step by step tutorials on, so please share your thoughts.

Coffee beans. I don't drink coffee but I loved the "texture" of the image.

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Long time; no posts! Somehow got a disconnected with Mastodon for a couple of months. Probably from the lack of interaction. Actual interaction I mean, not that platform-algorithm bastardised meaning of the work.

Have been drawing in old notebooks, but haven't found a way to edit out the ruling in GIMP.

#AutomaticDrawing #PenAndInk #Fediverse #Art #Drawing #BlackAndWhite #Abstract #MoebiusMonday

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