Long time; no posts! Somehow got a disconnected with Mastodon for a couple of months. Probably from the lack of interaction. Actual interaction I mean, not that platform-algorithm bastardised meaning of the work.

Have been drawing in old notebooks, but haven't found a way to edit out the ruling in GIMP.

#AutomaticDrawing #PenAndInk #Fediverse #Art #Drawing #BlackAndWhite #Abstract #MoebiusMonday

Linoleum print 

I'm done! I wanted it to be a little eerie and menacing, but he's a cheerful fellow isn't he

Fediverse, we're looking for other creative people / artists who are into making live visuals, videos or animations. Please help us to connect with them!

Feel free to boost this if you know your followers are into this kind of creations/art, or please point us to their own accounts.

We Pixelflowers make colorful, psychedelic, glitchy live visuals - usually as a "video track" for electronic and techno music.
We use a laptop for loops, and other old-school equipment and techniques: camera feedback, old video mixers, analog video synthesizers.

We're looking for artists to connect with, and for moving imagery to play with.
For example, we could create processed/glitched versions of your videos/animations; we'd provide you with them (to reuse as you may wish) and we'd include them in our shows.

We're queer, NSFW-friendly and pro-social-justice - just so you know ;)

If you'd like to collaborate get in touch!

cc @Curator

#vj #vjing #visuals #video #videoart #videofeedback #videosynthesis #glitch #glitchart #mastoart


I'm Erine F/22, doing some digital art when I can!
Working on some illustration and comic projects, but still figuring things out. I mostly do character stuff but I do landscapes and some environments from time to time.

I have no idea what to expect here but I hope it's nice 🤷‍♀️

This was my Morrowind character, she's a woodelf marksman, can't remember her name 🤷‍♀️

I was really proud when I did this, first time doing a full character with pixels. Definitely gonna do more!

I take a small break from maths right now (I don't know when I'll come back to it, but I'll do, I can't do otherwise in my life) but sometimes I find back old things I might not have shared.

So here it is :

I'm a queer white handi demi-girl who works in web developement but really likes to draw! I made this account to share my art and boost art I like :bear_hugs:

I mostly doodle on my phone and draw traditionnaly (my favorite mediums are mechanical pencil and watercolor), but I try to make things on my computer using an old Wacom Bamboo and Krita :krita:

I like to draw portraits, I'm really bad at landscapes. Also I would love to learn to make animation :dabart2:

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