: If you've bought a bed for your cat and they refuse to use it, just sit on it for a day or so.

Cats often steal our seats because they want to add their scents to ours as a way of marking territory. When you first buy a cat bed, it doesn't smell like you, so they may not show interest. We've had this bed out for for a year and he never used it. So two days ago I put it in my office chair like a seat cushion and sat on it while working... Things clearly changed

Also YES I farted multiple times into the bed 🤣

@nategullion Farts doesn’t seem to bother our cat too much 😂 Makes it all much better 🤷‍♀️

@nategullion this is great tip! I have seen loads of people crochet/knit cat sofas. These things take a buttload of time and work. A lot of times the cats like them but I feel really sad when the cats just don't care.

@nategullion I usually just loudly declare the item is *not* for the cat. Often does the trick! 😆

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