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Surprise! I've got a new show on Peertube called "Playing For Pops" where I play videogames for my dad so that he can experience the stories and presentation without needing the hand/eye coordination.

Check out episodes 1 & 2 of "Trek To Yomi" now!

If you like the show and want to support it, you can always buy me a coffee at my Ko-fi page!

Beloved Gardeners*

we are looking for your garden pictures to create a collage of beautiful Open Source Gardens all over Europe 🌻

Your picture can include #OpenSourceSeeds and technologies and can be everything from a single pot to a large community garden.

Read more about how to participate:

and send us your picture until 1. September <3

#Florespondence #DIY #Solarpunk @plants

Being anti-racist means being willing to have hard conversations with your friends, and being willing to lose them if they won't listen. That's just how it is. If you think you can call yourself anti-racist and also never face hard choices and never lose anyone... like, that's cute and all but just not how things work.

There is more empathy for racism and racists on the fedi than there is for the communities they constantly target.

That's why these situations keep happening. It's not magic.

When I ran PV, I was called all kinds of slurs when I consistently pointed out that pattern. My team was relentlessly harassed by coordinated efforts to demean us into silence.

And we were
constantly asked for PROOF even though people made no effort to hide their anti-blackness. People just didn't want to believe us.

Monads aren't an aberration in the fedi. It IS the fedi. And people fight every day to keep it that way

You don't need to use other people's servers on Mastodon or the Fediverse. Anyone can set up their own server, even non-technical people. It's much easier than you think, and much cheaper too.

I run a website helping non-technical people create their own servers at and you can follow its account at @homegrown

There are many Fediverse server types you can set up without tech knowledge:

There's also an in-depth tutorial about making your own Mastodon server without tech knowledge, and most of it applies to any kind of Fediverse server:

#Fediverse #Mastodon #SelfHosting

What is the entire hell is going on? Can someone turn the difficulty level for life down from berserk? It is getting a little ridiculous now.

fedi meta 

Look, all of us who hold relative privilege need to accept that we're not always going to see bigoted bullying firsthand, precisely because we're not its targets. We're also not always going to see the victims complaining, because complaining publicly attracts so much more abuse that people often choose not to. This means that if we want to help make a space safe for people more likely to be targeted than ourselves, we have to listen to listen to quiet warnings and watch for red flags.

A free hub of resources for anyone who wants to communicate in an accessible way on social media.

Because yes, you should want to communicate in an accessible way

Today will be another Linux learning day and I'm already excited! I was already able to help my friend with some basic troubleshooting on his Steamdeck so I'm clearly making some progress.

... <long, deep, weary sigh.>
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That seems like a huge deal for lots of small craft (and other!) businesses who ship work internationally, @PayPal. 😬 #Paypal

I don't want to go to bed
I don't want today to be over with stuff I planned to do undone.
I don't want tomorrow to start soon.
I think I'm having a bad brain day.

Gdquest posts tutorial videos on how to use @godotengine and other free open source game development tools. You can follow at:

➡️ @gdquest

If the videos aren't yet visible from your server, you can see them all at

(Note if you followed this account before March 2022, it is highly recommended you unfollow and re-follow due to a Fediverse bug.)

#GDQuest #GameDev #Videos #Gaming #Godot #PeerTube #PeerTubers #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Development

And a reminder that you can still support me via Ko-Fi or PayPal if you are able! Thank you very much for supporting my work so far!
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👋🏿! I'm Brandon O'Brien, a writer, poet & game designer from 🇹🇹! Here's how you can support my work:

My debut…

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Been studying Linux all day basically with a few breaks to go outside and sit in the sun and not be a goblin (although no shade to goblins). I would say Linux isn't actually THAT crazy hard to learn... I'm just really bad at learning so it is really hard to absorb all the information. Literally it's been like. 30 minutes of study, then 30 minutes sitting in the sun on the front porch listening to the sounds around me and processing all the info to cool down my brain.

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