wanted to post a short about me, since i never have. ☺️ my name is natalia and i live in maine, us. i just bought a home in the forest, which has been my goal for a long time. i spend most of my free time hiking with my pups, swimming, drawing, playing rpgs, and sometimes traveling. currently trying to concentrate on digital art and improving my skills. πŸ’•

I have friends, peers, and readers on bird site who are like β€œplease come back!”

Fine, I check in again. And it’s still nothing but a waking nightmare of people yelling about politics and daily horrors.

I’m not trying to avoid or deny current events or the awful problems and legacy of my country. I’m trying to get active and do my part.

But I also can’t eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff every second of the day. It’s debilitating.

recent character design!
"Alanor Tathidlel: lead professor, master scryer, and headmaster of the sorcery department at the College. Strict, but well-intended. Even though students don't like him much, they acknowledge and respect that he's one of the best mentors at the school."

I would like to share that I also make hand embroidery. Usually I don't use any of my personal drawings, but maybe when I get the confidence I'll start doing it.


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