Finished her with some inking and little details. Bronze armor and ink flowers. ✨

‪In the process with watercolors and gouache. Elven warrior lady with pink/purple hair. ✨‬

‪Horned lady with thorns and flowers. Done with watercolors and ink. In a few weeks, I will put this for sale on my Etsy store. ✨‬

‪Reposting this little digital piece. Oni splitting a man in half. 👹 Done in Clip Studio Paint. ✨‬

‪Covered the acrylics in impasto oil, the acrylics actually was a nice base luckily. Just have to wait quite a bit for it to dry. 🌬‬

‪Pencil sketch of a seahorse mermaid, lying in the coral reef crashing under waves. 🌊‬

‪From Mermay 2018, cool toned watercolors with fishing pollution as the subject. Blue and green mermaid. 💙💚‬

‪Pumpkin Head from Drawtober 2018. My mediums were ink and watercolors, I also love this textured watercolor paper. I plan on selling a few original pieces in my store soon. 🌙🕯‬

‪Thumbnails and sketches with colored pencils for a new painting. Trying to experiment with different color palettes and find a way to make my love for muted and pastel colors work. 🌸🎀☁️‬

Older watercolor piece from last year, a swamp witch. With a variation of roses and branches in blue and earth tones. 🌚

‪Just a wee bit nervous for Game of Thrones tonight. Brienne of Tarth is one of my favorites and I’ve been experimenting with watercolors a lot recently. This is Brienne wearing the dress she wore in earlier episodes, holding oathkeeper. ⚔️🦁‬

‪From Drawtober/Inktober last year. The theme was Carousel Curse. My mediums were ink and watercolors, with salt. A cursed jester lady and a carousel horse shadow. 🎠🥀‬

‪Wanted to post a better close up. The Irish Goddess, Morrígan, created entirely with watercolors. She is associated with the moon, shape shifting into crows, lakes/rivers, and being the Phantom Queen. 🍃🌿🌑‬

‪Bees and lilies girl with pink glowing hair, made with acrylic paint on a small circle birch wood panel. 🐝🌿💖‬

‪Taurean Mermaid Siren and bluebells, created with watercolors and Clip Studio Paint. I wont be home in May and I’m a Taurus, so this is my Mermay ahead of time. 🌙⭐️‬

‪An elven girl with pink hair, lying in the forest bed of flowers and mushrooms. Digital illustration with muted pastel colors. I hope to be able to spend time in the forest more soon, it’s currently just tons of mud. 🌸🍄🌿🎀‬

‪Little ink sketches during my trip to Tokyo in 2017. I’m going to Scotland for the month of May. My biggest goal aside from hiking and seeing castles, is to sketch a lot. I got my supplies packed, so I hope it works out. 💕‬

‪Had to show some love for Final Fantasy X. This is based off the sending scene, which blew my mind back in the day. I still listen to the soundtrack all the time and I will always treasure this game, easily one of the greatest. 💖‬

‪Digital painting of icey roses and a water nymph, in the Winter season. ❄️🌹‬

‪An original character digital painting of a Kokiri girl. (From Legend of Zelda.) I secretly wish I could have green hair and elf ears too. 🍓🍄🍃‬

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