commission of a courier six by the name of ahn. had fun noodling with that painterly style especially with the sky

you remember when I post regularly? Me Neither.

I got a sizeable backlog of paintings and sketches but I might as well start with one of the more recent things being @TheFearsomeJabberwock s courier synth dweeb kincaid.

learning things everyday. didnt know masto could let you decide on crops for larger images. good to know so i can avoid masto cropping the preview to show only tits on everything ive been doing.

guessin its either new or im blind.

im not saying i dont love everyone in monster prom equally but boy do i have some feelings about Vera

i have a million episodes to catch up on but god do i love molly. got a couple things in the works of him but heres a peek at the one thats furthest along.

Dolores straight out vault 111 grabs a bat wraps some chain around it then goes to town. She acclimated p quick to the wasteland. terrifyingly quick.

My hero of kvatch and the daedric prince of madness Sheograth aka Yells-at-Clouds as of Skyrim cause of course she would rock the terrible vampire armour. It may be below zero but what does she care? she gotta flaunt it. The body of a 2000 year old but the attitude of a 20 something.

A cool down doodle done after a long day of painting. The original sketch was rlly old so im happy with how it looks for something that was done p quick. irnini and ninurta are always nice and good.

Been working on beefing up my portfolio these last couple months with some reworks of older pieces. Its nice going back to old things with more technical know how and being like !!!?!? when comparing them. Need to get the hydra more tree like but im feeling it

Fallout 4 is on occasion a fun game .As with all bethesda games i got two characters because thats just how i do. Ya got Dolores the baseball playing popsicle and her husband Victor who died a lil bit but hes better now.bit of an ass now but severe brain damage + 60 years alone in the commonwealth does that. They are nice people who should never be put in charge of anything and yet here we are with the leaders of the minutemen and brotherhood of steel respectively.

Yo whats good depression killed your boy narkis's productivity for a solid month there. To be fair I Was painting but nothing was getting done ya know. Good thing too because I got a lot to post now starting with a fairly old sketch of anuran I wanted to paint up . There's more work to be done but im liking it

I still think this by far one of the best portraits I've done. A merytaten from around june of last year I do believe.

More Shadowrun. This time one of my runners, Adelita, an elf rigger from Aztlan

I was asked to develop elven fashion a lil more for dnd character nonsense so here we have guard captain Librael lookin fancy

Heres my shadowrun pc turned npc, Percival . I might end up playing him as a shadowrunner but for now he's going to be a coyote for the player characters in the one shot I'm going to run.

I made a suggestion on how to improve mermaids on discord. Behold what my Creative Vision has wrought

The big mood lately for inspiration has been the beast or monster races . minotaurs, centaurs, and so on because honestly I have such a fondness for them .

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