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I still think this by far one of the best portraits I've done. A merytaten from around june of last year I do believe.

More Shadowrun. This time one of my runners, Adelita, an elf rigger from Aztlan

I was asked to develop elven fashion a lil more for dnd character nonsense so here we have guard captain Librael lookin fancy

Heres my shadowrun pc turned npc, Percival . I might end up playing him as a shadowrunner but for now he's going to be a coyote for the player characters in the one shot I'm going to run.

I made a suggestion on how to improve mermaids on discord. Behold what my Creative Vision has wrought

The big mood lately for inspiration has been the beast or monster races . minotaurs, centaurs, and so on because honestly I have such a fondness for them .

a nopaltzin and one of his many dog friends

A nopaltzin from February of last year. Im still rather fond of the painted look on his everything.

You can find a time lapse of the painting process over here--

A work in progress of a couple of elven gods that the party in my campaign has met and are soon to possibly meet. Vorona ,the god of freedom and luck, and Antesolus , god of war and justice. Is there a strong chance the party will get themselves in between feuding gods. Oh most certainly.

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Another old piece of art from around the middle of 2016. Hydras in my novels are tree and or plant like creatures that just keep growing heads . Then you get forests full of dormant hydras.

You can find a time lapse of the painting process over here--

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the names flower.
flower, you know- the druid. the elf who is totally a druid, a druid who studies druid-y stuff.

flower, the druid.

I finally got her done :D

Got a fairly late start today but I've made pretty decent progress with Prasad

Its not that Korun changes every time I draw him its that I have improved drastically between each time i draw Korun.

Happy holidays have a spirit of vengeance that will eat the bones of all who seek to undo you. They are a nice spirit like that.

You can find a time lapse of the painting process over here--

I've said it every time I've posted lorne anywhere and im saying it again I love lorne so much u have no idea.

You know I've got a lot of art I still really like that I never got the chance to upload because i made this account some time after I made it. I think this just going to be a thing moving forward until I inevitably run out of things I like. Gotta start strong with Qamur and Sarraqum back from June 2016.