If it's not accessible, it's not revolutionary. ✨

made some ferret paw prints!

these are based on my ferret, Paco's prints

I'm thinking of getting these tattooed on my foot (where he always used to lay his head when he wanted attention), but I can't decided whether I want the rainbow or black version! thoughts?

my next ferret ....

gonna be named ....

Tad Cooper

working on my Patreon tier designs :))

Tier 1: European Badger. made him purple just for fun.


my 2018 art summary!

i missed 2 months D': but in my defense, towards the end of the month things got really hard for me personally.

anyway, i really gotta draw more next year it seems!

blank template: deviantart.com/dustbunnythumpe

I've done it!

my Patreon Page -->patreon.com/nannahsferrets is up!!

it's got goodies for patrons & followers like postcards, stickers, wips, early access to stuff, a discord channel, coloring pages, and more! lmao

i'm rly excited, so pls take a look if u love & other

also OH MY GOD,

my , Kinga, is FINALLY GETTING HER implants!! her adrenal disease is finally going to be treated!! 😭

oh man, there's like no yoi fans here! where's all the art?

(thinks about the fandom)

nvm, this is great


I've always loved minimalistic line art, but never tried it! I still ended up w/ too many lines, but it's my first try after all

this is my interpretation of EROS.

(is that a thing?)

@micahdraws do you have experience with adrenal disease & Deslorelin implants?

my vet is Really bothering me atm. more than a month ago she and I agreed (with me bringing it up & really pushing her tbh) that we'd try the Des implants for treating & preventing adrenal, esp since she has an account with the manufacturer but it's been a month and no email/word! i've been calling her 1/week. she said she'll get back to me...so when ??

anyway, just wondering if u have any experience w/them

i guess just ... once again doing the "lecturing the consumer" instead of trying to make the consumer aware of the fundamental problem .... idk

all these cooking shows think they're so clever being like "we're so rushed we never have time for cooking, we'd rather let gas stations do our cooking" when the US is the most overworked nation & 8hr days have become 9 and 50hrs a week and anxiety is a given in ppl nowadays and workers won't even take vacations in fear their employers will think they're """lazy""" so like ....idk what i'm trying to say but like im so annoyed :/

getting a Patreon account ready just for ferrets!! (idk if I've mentioned this yet on here ...)

there will be so many goodies there :O postcards and stickers and washi tape and special commissions and etc.!! I can't wait to launch it ;A;

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