OMG how have i left myself with ONE WEEK to do this huge zine sketch?? :O

me: I LOVE everything, I need to apply for EVERYTHING, zines, trades, events, YES YES!!

me now: oh my god why is there SO MUCH TO DO HELP

I've been working on this single piece since mid-May. if I don't finish it today I'm going to EXPLODE.

Experimented with the ferret some more and made this creature out of it. Also playing around with some krita brushes while painting this.

moar old #art - Black Footed Ferrets (Mustela nigripes) are endangered (US & IUCN listing) and ridiculously cute. And I painted some. Because both those things.
#watercolor #ink #ferrets #ferret #wildlife #nature

finally finished the next of my pieces!!

this time it's !! :)) He really does have the best costumes from . also there's So. Much. Glitter.

omg, I haven't been here for such a long time ;___;. I'm gonna upload my stuff over a period of hours/days so I don't spam ...

anyone know the best free website for artists? I really can't tell them apart ;;;

like, wixsite, weebly, etc. ?

so we're able to post our full pics for weddingvowszine on tumblr! :') this is mine, all out of paper! ft. ugly-crying viktor & makka to the rescue!

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