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moar old #art - Black Footed Ferrets (Mustela nigripes) are endangered (US & IUCN listing) and ridiculously cute. And I painted some. Because both those things.
#watercolor #ink #ferrets #ferret #wildlife #nature

finally finished the next of my pieces!!

this time it's !! :)) He really does have the best costumes from . also there's So. Much. Glitter.

omg, I haven't been here for such a long time ;___;. I'm gonna upload my stuff over a period of hours/days so I don't spam ...

part of yoivalentinesbang on tumblr! I drew this for @ shomouno's fic,

it's so sweet!! :')))

had to rush a bit tho, bc it's WAY past , omg! but good news is i got to play with my new markers !

anyone know the best free website for artists? I really can't tell them apart ;;;

like, wixsite, weebly, etc. ?

so we're able to post our full pics for weddingvowszine on tumblr! :') this is mine, all out of paper! ft. ugly-crying viktor & makka to the rescue!

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I love my ferrets more than anything, and they love Everyone!

here's Paco (the youngest but BIGGEST) sharing some of that love <3

I joined a victurigiftexchange project on tumblr! unfortunately the mod became unable to continue it, but everyone's posting their projects, so here's mine! given to agenderemryspaperart on tumblr :)

combining magic with yoi!

also, sorry I've been kind of m.i.a., the holidays are a rough time for me, and I got some bad family news. hopefully I'll be back soon!

I DID IT! i won my disability case!! i found out this morning, but it ... I still don't quite believe it ;A;

I'm so tired of everyone using ableist slurs to describe everything (including mental illness) can we like ... stop that