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Color pallet challenges are one of my favorite things to do! They are so incredibly fun and force you to use colors you might never have used before!

Me? Create an illustration with a background? Liiiiiiies.

Jk y'all. I almost never do this kind of thing since I'm terrible at figuring out light sources, so please ignore the questionable lighting😰😰😰

Anyway, Hayden (L) is my OC while Desmond (R) belongs to
@/BalarAkunama on Twitter

This is probably the moodiest thing i've drawn but I love it tbh πŸ’™

I wanted an excuse to practice anatomy so I did some random rough sketches of Rai ;w; I still have a long way to go tho 😭😭😭

(I'm so sorry about the falcon I can't draw birds to save my life)

Y'all I'm back 🀠 Sorta. Been real busy with commissions and class projects so I've been MIA for a while. Oooo hello hello to all these new followers!! 😍 πŸ’– ✨

I'll post more art soon. Sooooooon.

You know this one pencil brush I found for Procreate is the only reason why I use the app ;w;

Say hello to Maevrai and Erik |ο½₯Ο‰ο½₯ο½€) Also, told ya Rai (left) has uhh more modest clothes.

muscle relaxers are killing my brain making it hard to draw, so i wanna post some old art

these from february

✨ Ko-fi commission for forumsdackel on Twitter ✨

Just so you know, my commission slots are still open :'3

Hey there y'all! I'm currently offering ko-fi sketch commissions to help save up for my tuition ☺ Regular commissions are closed since I'm pretty busy with school and internship, so this is all I can do for now. ;w;

β™₯️ Style A starts at $6
β™₯️ Style B starts at $9


Oh look a new son *stares at 71623 other OCs* /sweats

I think I may have been a bit too self-indulgent with his design ;;;;;;

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