day two - jinglebell. made it into a unicorn adopt, since i am rather tired today and havent really drawn anything horse like in a very long time~

art has been kinda sparse, so I am going to try drawing a little something every day this month, following a holiday prompt list. first day is snow, a little gift for @GlacierDragon too~

ref of a long awaited (for myself) drau lady named allyon ❤️ so thrilled with her design (also super predictable if you know me LOL)

Reupload, his legs were too long so I shortened them!

More doodles for TWWM's Autumn Lights event over on DA. I'm really happy with the colours here c:

back with more dragons!! this style is really relaxing and fun to play with : ) another new girl, still working on the details

wip of a trade with @GlacierDragon of their Nocturne 👀 it..was supposed to be a quick warmup but I am going overboard. some things are all over the place but its been fun. still have a bit to go!

don't have too much to post right now, so have a wip of a painting I am slowly chipping away at :D

an older image of my esk Monolith that I am still really happy with. textured brushes are really fun to use x )

Time for an yeehaw~

Hey hello I'm Delta and I draw MONSTERS and ALIENS and WEIRD WIGGLY THINGS!

I used to want to make art as a living, but I think I'm happier working as a locksmith and drawing monsters in my spare time. A lot less stressful, you see.

As for Me Myself, I like space, the colour pink, insects, and horror movies, among other things. Nice to meet all y'all, I'm looking forward to posting more here!

Hey there! Here's my ~

I go by a variety of names, Nairo-ryu, Crona, or Jun, depending on where you know me from. I am a fantasy artist that enjoys painting and sketching dragons, monsters, and environments.

I'd really like to make a living off of art, but I have a way to go still! Hoping to build connections and improve myself : )


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