oh man does it feel good to have this finished. there are definitely areas that can be improved but I don't think I am quite at that level yet. was fun~

sketch for esk event, lets see if I can manage x.x I need to find a quick style. Forgot how much I love my boy Alistair

destress experiment. work is making my anxiety flare up. drawing has been a little hard lately bc of it.

wip of her big ref sheet that is in progress :3 going to take the bust shot and make it into a bigger, finished image. I really like how it came out

im pretty shy about sharing this but here goes! this is shara, a design by @DreamTheorem that I fell in love with. I am not really good at anthro stuff so hoping having her will be a good learning experience : ) I'm working on a dragon form too.

colored him in : ) wanted to do a different shading style but I have a hard time shading blue.

sketched up one of my draukitore, a blue water user named V'sha :3 very happy with this , hoping to color tomorrow!

Figured I could upload some older art :) It was a YCH for @nairoryu from last year that I'm still pretty proud of!

ive been working on more smols of my esk collection.....boy do I have way too many x.x they're addicting. here is one - miss Lyra!
edit: sorry for the repost I noticed icky airbrushing near the top edge

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