Dear friends from Russia,

Just wanted to share this, There are two people who inspired me when I was in my early 20s.

- Anna Politkovskaya for her bravery in un-covering what happened at Chechnya at that time.

- Grigori Perelman for his love for mathematics and passing the message to the people on what he strongly believed with his ethics, breaking the societal norms, awards and the money.

I honestly don't know why I'm sharing this, they just came to my mind, whilst scrolling Mastodon 🙂

Why still people use this sort of font-size? There has been bazillion amount of discussions on the web actuating the problems of painful reading when the website font size goes below 16px.

The content is interesting, but it irks me - so just putting this publicly.

@fribbledom @mysticmode For #2, you can use xdotool for error-free automation of whatever you're trying to record.


Basically three options (for terminals specifically):

1. Use asciinema, which records your terminal's stdin & -out. It generates a very small recording, but you can only play it back with the asciinema player, as it's not technically an image or movie format.

2. Script your interactions and record it with a regular screen recorder like OBS.

3. At charm we got fed up with the first two options and we wrote our own software that does the job. To be released in the next few days!

How do you record a screencast of your software and convert it to GIF format for posting on the source code repository?

Something like this:

I'm building a CLI utility where I need to screencast and post.

Things that come to my mind are Asciinema and OBS.

I'm not well-versed with OBS yet.

So, just asking how do people does something like charm shows?

Boosts are appreciated! I have this question for a while to find a better alternative.



I personally host GitLab at

I'm planning to invite users who work on primarily. Thus far, I'm the only user there :)



BitBucket - Self-host is not available now, they now provide only datacenter plan which costs $$$ a lot.

Gitea (Codeberg) - I work with Go on a daily basis. So, Gitea is a good option. But, I personally don't like their interface. It is dull. Being said, this could be a potential option for you as it is light-weight.

GitLab - Self-hosting GitLab is fantastic with it's easy installation and auto-migrations. I like the interface design more than Gitea.


I'm not sure what to make of this article when the author categorizes frequent and infrequent developers on the first hand when it comes to debugging.

I prefer simplicity and flexibility over specializing the IDE specific features. Print debugging makes me much easier to achieve that. Rather quicker to be honest for me when I see people work with me with debugger, I noticed that sometimes on fixing the bugs.

Just so, I thought I could be able to resign from my day job soon and start learning and doing some programming by myself. I got told that my savings will greatly help for my sister's marriage.

You know they say, you have your plans and life has some other plans for you. For better or not, I need to go the way that takes me. That's all I can do at-last.

Is anyone here who has moved to the #UK with a "Skilled Worker visa" (previously known as "Tier 2 (General) work visa") and then settled in the UK permanently?

I'd love to have a chat with you!

Boosts are welcome. #immigration #visa

Just ordered and I'm waiting to read this gem which one of my friends had recommended me because I like this man and his thought-process.

"Bruce Lee : A Life" by Matthew Polly

It has been more than 10 years since I last had a job. If each of our cells is remade over the course of 7 years, then not a single cell of my body has known what working was like, I have a faint memory of hating the whole thing, but physically I've never worked.

I have re-designed my website inspired by the clean layout of (@w96k)

Source code of my website:

I just created a SourceHut build manifest and the website will soon be served from instead of GitHub pages.

The DNS propagation will take some time.

Taking notes on LibreOffice while reading a programming book works really well for me.

This is apart from just doing the exercises mentioned in the book.

The book I'm reading is C programming by K&R.

Careless whisper by George Michael (live)

Ending my weekend with this pouring honey voice on my ears.

Good night!

“Bach is an astronomer, discovering the most marvellous stars. Beethoven challenges the universe. I only try to express the soul and the heart of man.”

― Frédéric Chopin

It's a bit boring today in the morning, So I'd took this gem out and started learning 🙂

Also, I'm taking notes on LibreOffice which I'm using it for the first time.

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