Tattoo design for my pal Zoë Wolfe, finished tattoo by our pal, Zoë Brookes at Firestarter Ink in Seattle WA

Sanctus Cattus
Bit of context: domesticated cats are historically known as pest control. However they have also been a plague upon native wildlife. The skulls it bears include numbat, parrot, Florida cougar (FIV), Hawaiian nene, many native songbirds, lizards, and rodents.

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Been working on a friend's album cover and she reminded me of the 4AD album covers from the 80's and 90's, this is such an aesthetic.

Hyena Skulls (Trans Rights)
I also have these available as shirts and other goods, most of the profits donated to charity. Scope em out here:

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Dead Flowers
This will be available as a Patreon exclusive reward for May.

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