Holy cow. Remember the Dakota Access Pipeline? So many lifetimes ago? Which got AOC on the path to the House? The Standing Rock tribe just won a major victory; the Army Corps of Engineers was wrong to go forward without considering their concerns, court says.


I'm figuring out how I'll pay rent next month, so I'll gladly sell art for a reasonable price! Help me pay the bills and I'll help you put art on your walls! Here are a few more from the last few months.

The process of making these is the practice of focusing on one little thing at a time. I will choose one stroke and make a full circle of that stroke before choosing the next stroke. Its a meditation in itself.

These are done with Pilot parallel pens, and poster and tape nibs.

Isolation has sent me into another artistic productive streak. I've started doing commissions as well. I'm fully out of work thanks to COVID so if you really like these, make me an offer or send a tip if you can afford it, to my venmo: @roguepedicab or squarecash: $roguecab

Excited to join Mastodon.art and start sharing my new works with the community here! Here are a few abstract calligraphy pieces I did in the last few months.

Thanks @welshpixie for the invite ❀️


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