Hi Mastodon! The big social media sites are all very bad so now I'm here! Hope you'll have me! I post art and tech art and VR stuff but will sometimes pivot into very political and environmentalist discussion :artshark: I feel like they're all interconnected! I also don't know how this site works so if you got any hot tips let me know? :D

@mulmbot welcome. I'm here since quite sometime and I still don't really know how it works :)

@champi Haha! What's a nice thing to do on here? Other than fav and retoot :D

@mulmbot lol good question. sharing art and good vibes sometimes some silly conversation. I suppose not so much but in my experience it s been always positive.

@mulmbot @champi I'm quite taken with the way people post whatever's in their head without worrying others will jump on them, so there's that: random late night showerthoughtery.

@mulmbot I love your art! The expression on the adult dragon almost made me cry! Excellent work!

@mulmbot Heya, welcome to the Fediverse! :bob_ross: Let me know if you have any questions about anything, I'll do my best to help out. :blobpatpat:

@mulmbot welcome to Mastodon! Your art is stunning 💙 My tip would be to use web version of Mastodon for uploading artwork - you can adjust crop yourself and easily add alternative text 🙂 And use tags! You can't really search by text here, is a good one you can add :dabart2:

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