Hiya! Long time no see!
I started taking pictures of some leftover, prototype teacups hanging around my workshop and this is by FAR my favorite one. Dark clay helps the green ash glaze pop! There will be more of those in the near future!

So this is another one I'd like to show you - a work in progress. After throwing those spheres from roughly 1,7 kg of stoneware clay i trim the bases round on a chuck. These will be the "faces" of the balls, when they hang high in the air, all colorfull. Can't wait to see the final effect!

Ok then, so I'm following the advice I found, and this is my post!
Hi there, fediverse! I'm Peter, and I'm a potter working in Warsaw, Poland. I mostly throw stoneware bowls, teacups and yunomis, I'm fascinated by the different surfaces of raw clay and do minimal decoration an most of my pots.
My days consist of a lot of preparation, periods of intense throwing, and a bit of waiting around, and that's when I'll post some updates, WIP photos and general pottery banter.
See you!

Ok, so I've been busy busy busy fot the last couple of weeks and havent had the time to throw any of my own stuff, but here's a pic of my latest kiln load - before and after the firing!

Preview of COOK AND CRY, #lovelovehillโ€™s 2018 anthology with original comics and illustrations that explore the trials and tribulations associated with cooking. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Hey, I'm not crying, that's just water steam condensation on my face!!



Oh damn, so much happened after I logged off for the night, wow! Thanks so much for all you boosts and comments!

So, a half of the whole order came out of the kiln yesterday, and I honestly just HAVE to show you
The picture was taken by my friend and coworker on this project: instagram.com/bukowskaceramics

Don't they look like candy!?

HI there guys, my name is Peter and I'm new here! I'm a potter, I throw mostly tableware, some teaware (yunomis, teacups and the like) and sometimes - spheres!


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