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enfin, changements, c'était sûrement déjà là avant, mais je l'ai réalisé mtn quoi

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je mettrai mes dessins sans watermark ici (et avec watermark sur twitter) suite aux changements de conditions d'utilisation de twitter

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I am having too much fun with the colorize tool and now I am playing with gradient layers. Somehow I think I made a ghost.

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Very valid question from an artist here this morning so I want to clarify:

"The following content will be removed from the public timeline: advertising and spam,"

This does *not* mean that you can't advertise your art sales! You absolutely can and should and are encouraged to - /please/ let us know where we can support your creations!

The 'advertising' in the context of the rules, means corporate accounts signing up to spam adverts for their products ^.^

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Vue qu'on recommence à zéro ici je permet de vous déranger avec mes photo de figurines 😋
On commence ici avec Roboute Guilliman, le primarque des Ultramarines

#warhammer #warhammer40k

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Hi, I'm Samcell, a Belgian #anarchist. I'm a big #StarTrek and #SciFi fan, so I'll speak about it A LOT. I'll mostly write in french, but I'll try to post some english content too (and why not spanish, as well).

I love #VideoGames, #Movies, #Books and pretty much every means Humanity has found to tell stories.

Sometimes, I write fiction myself.

#Depressed, #weed #addict and #ADHD

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Allright so I thought I could reimport my old account messages here but it turns out I can't, so a quick : I sometimes find some time to , and very rarely to . I fill in the blanks with things in . Hello .art!

Je pensais pouvoir réimporter mes anciens messages ici mais c'est pas possible donc une brève introduction : des fois je trouve le temps de dessiner, plus rarement de peindre. Je bouche les trous avec des trucs de gauchiste. Salut .art !

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Désolé, ça va faire redite pour celleux qui me suivaient sur l'autre compte, mais je me reposte ici mes essais de carnet, j'en ai besoin pour garder une trace de là où je vais.

Pour les autres : je cherche un processus pour dessiner en plein air pendant mes vacances d'été.

Sorry for those who followed me on my old account, I repost my attempts here because I need to keep track of my tests. These are made to find a process for plein air sketching this summer.

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On fediverse, remember that your admin has access to their instance database, and can read whatever you post, and whatever posts you can read, no matter what the access level is (and this includes DMs, of course). This is not significantly different to monolithic social media, except that the admin potentially has a smaller pool of people they can spy on, if they're so inclined. You should always share particularly sensitive information via end-to-end encrypted chat, no matter what platform you're using, fediverse or not.
#feditips #fedifacts

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