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Nathy Padron

Hi guys! Now you can see the process of my lil' shamrock thief in YouTube:

Hello Guys!

Happy St. Patrick's day!

💜 💜 ☘️

Hi guys! Nice Sunday :) I just uploaded my new YouTube video with the process of my Kitty piece.


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Really want to ask you support for my new Ko-Fi goal. Boost is also a good support for the goal.

I have a new love guys! Meet my new cat <3 His name is Frodo


How hard can be to anthropomorphize a plantain slice?

His name is Platanito

Hello, my monthly newsletter is here featuring a weird looking egg!

Read for free, enjoy and share with your friends. Link

My Sunday video is here! as a treat today I have the finished drawing for download on high res here: is a wallpaper for y'all :D


I'll start to make a monthly newsletter beginning on March! if you want to know what I'm up to month by month, it'll have news (of course) of my endeavors as an illustrator - maker of things, the tings I'm making and where you can find them plus stuff I'm enjoying at the moment such as books, movies, articles and designers/illustrators I find extremely cool.

The link to this is also my Patreon page, I'll use it as a blog,

NOTE: the newsletter will be public to all.

Hi Guys!

A couple of announcements I need to make:


I'm back on oficially, right now I'm still finishing to think the new tiers and editing my page but you can enter now and see what's new :) there's a couple of post for patrons only and some sweet stuff to make you feel at home.


So hey! Come and say hello :) :)

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I made a vero account! But I can't post yet xD apparently it's having issues...

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Made a zine exclusively for #ECCC next week! I just wanted something new to have so I collected all the saucy sketches and extra comics from patreon >0>

No nudity but rated Teen for ‘suggestive themes’

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The princess. I'm uploading tomorrow the video process on YouTube :)

Today I'm grumpy because I woke up too early...

Going to a doc appt at 6am is inhuman.

It's ready, I wrote the subtitles and uploaded them, go watch :)

My errand... ok guys now I’ll start to write the subtitles 😂😊