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Nathy Padron

Friday drawing: A modern _fashion_ princess

Every month I write a bit of a Newsletter to my followers so they know what I'm doing and what I'll be doing :), it also sometimes has links to things I enjoy at the moment!

May Newsletter is officially out and you can read it here:

todaaay I needed a break from work <3

Hi nice people, today is friday and it's time for a tiny drawing. Here's a poem

This grumpy gnome is counting the minutes for its shift to end!

Rainy day today <3 fall is my favorite season!

Hello Comrades!

Happy new month! Happy easter and Happy ! In this part of the world is fall and I don't feel it yet. I'm having issues still with the heat.

But for a lot of you is Spring time! So yay!! Haha, I made this cute lil witch cat on Good Friday, please enjoy it.

Process video of this one is coming to YouTube tomorrow too! :D


Hi guys!

The first sketches of my new personal proyect, this is going to be a mini comic and all the characters are animals.

This are the main five characters. And as you can see, I don't know how to draw humanized frogs :C

I hope you like them! See you around with more things :3

I finished it! Lastly!

I have been working on this proyect for weeks :)

If you wish to know a bit more about it here's the blog post that says stuff :

Hello Loves!

I have a nice notice to tell you all:

I'm going to illustrate a book! Finally I got work! It has been a couple of weeks of emailing and over the weekend hopefully I'll sign the work for hire contract and start doing it.

This is the image that got me the work! I did this commission to the writer and she loved it! Now we're working together to bring her book to life <3 and when I can share something of that with you guys, you know I will.

I'm so excited!

Hi guys! Now you can see the process of my lil' shamrock thief in YouTube:

Hello Guys!

Happy St. Patrick's day!

๐Ÿ’œ ๐Ÿ’œ โ˜˜๏ธ

Hi guys! Nice Sunday :) I just uploaded my new YouTube video with the process of my Kitty piece.


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Really want to ask you support for my new Ko-Fi goal. Boost is also a good support for the goal.

I have a new love guys! Meet my new cat <3 His name is Frodo


How hard can be to anthropomorphize a plantain slice?

His name is Platanito

Hello, my monthly newsletter is here featuring a weird looking egg!

Read for free, enjoy and share with your friends. Link

My Sunday video is here! as a treat today I have the finished drawing for download on high res here: is a wallpaper for y'all :D