So my cat has been terrorizing birds on the roof and we bought him some nice gear to help the birds spot him and honestly he looks more stylish than I'll ever.


This is a self indulgent drawing about my OC, probably I have done like 10 iterations of this character but I think I'll embrace this version and call it the one.

Here she's, she doesn't have a name yet but she's a middle aged grumpy frog who's an engineer and trapped on a planet that she surely doesn't like.

And she has drones, lots of them, they keep her company.

Hello! As usual I bring to you my monthly newsletter, this winter edition brings just a sort progression of how my room has evolved since we're moving and building our life, a music recomendation AND the usual how am I and what I'm doing.

Hope you like it, this one's a shorty.

Link ---

Friday drawing: A modern _fashion_ princess

Every month I write a bit of a Newsletter to my followers so they know what I'm doing and what I'll be doing :), it also sometimes has links to things I enjoy at the moment!

May Newsletter is officially out and you can read it here:

Hi nice people, today is friday and it's time for a tiny drawing. Here's a poem

This grumpy gnome is counting the minutes for its shift to end!

Hello Comrades!

Happy new month! Happy easter and Happy ! In this part of the world is fall and I don't feel it yet. I'm having issues still with the heat.

But for a lot of you is Spring time! So yay!! Haha, I made this cute lil witch cat on Good Friday, please enjoy it.

Process video of this one is coming to YouTube tomorrow too! :D


Hi guys!

The first sketches of my new personal proyect, this is going to be a mini comic and all the characters are animals.

This are the main five characters. And as you can see, I don't know how to draw humanized frogs :C

I hope you like them! See you around with more things :3

I finished it! Lastly!

I have been working on this proyect for weeks :)

If you wish to know a bit more about it here's the blog post that says stuff :

Hello Loves!

I have a nice notice to tell you all:

I'm going to illustrate a book! Finally I got work! It has been a couple of weeks of emailing and over the weekend hopefully I'll sign the work for hire contract and start doing it.

This is the image that got me the work! I did this commission to the writer and she loved it! Now we're working together to bring her book to life <3 and when I can share something of that with you guys, you know I will.

I'm so excited!

Hi guys! Now you can see the process of my lil' shamrock thief in YouTube:

Hello Guys!

Happy St. Patrick's day!

💜 💜 ☘️

Hi guys! Nice Sunday :) I just uploaded my new YouTube video with the process of my Kitty piece.


Really want to ask you support for my new Ko-Fi goal. Boost is also a good support for the goal.

I have a new love guys! Meet my new cat <3 His name is Frodo

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