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guess who forgot I have a toyhouse for OC stuff yet again. it's me.

I can't believe it's December already.. last month was the most active I've been in terms of art in the past year+ and it's been a good time.

day 15, something about immorality but I have a lot of OCs who uh are bad

I deleted so much art from my archive but I distinctly remembering keeping what I like YET HERE WE ARE with many drawings missing. my penchant for deleting nonstop cannot be controlled.

an old Ashitaka dooble. I'd like to try doing lineart again but my recent efforts have been super scratchy 😭

day 14, most wholesome thing an OC has done. didn't want to come up with something specific and wordy so my most wholesome OC in general

I was interested in huevember but I am actually sticking with this oc meme so far, so I won't consider it a loss so much. prime meme time 👌🏻

day 13, an OC you like writing more than drawing. in this case someone I just... don't like drawing sob

getting lazy with numbering lol. Zan is my only OC almost scrapped who survived and he also has the most character development throughout his story

I think this is still the only full-body drawing of him I have, he's 9' long so that's... a pain to do haha

day 10, a fact about an OC most people don't know. Gaius had self-image struggles growing up because of how his body changed with aging. 2nd pic is old and I thought I uploaded here but maybe not? whatever ahah

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