body size thing for OCs from L to R: Zan, David, Shannon, Drathus, Amber. everyone is swole

characters standing in the vast whiteness, my specialty

JJBA from the years... my art used to be very neutral in color but it's gotten bright haha

a few years ago I participated in a Gintama countdown on Tumblr, I chose Otose~ This might be the last time I drew a serious lineart 👀

Eve did nothing wrong!!!!! put it on a shirt for me

I did one of those dress up your OC memes a long time ago and people seemed to like King Drathus.. I've thought about revisiting the design someday ha

a good time to post a drawing is BEFORE you edit it to mess with lighting/contrast A BUNCHA TIMES

I think I talked about 2 of my OCs and then forgot about the rest

Well I finished Nier Automata so I have no choice but to pick up my long abandoned hobby of art I GUESS

Some stuff from a Dorohedoro fanzine I participated in on Tumblr

I am excited for Inktober2k19!!! Last year was my first really participating and I only did it halfway, but I have my ink refills ready to GO kids.

I really gotta reread the whole thing when it ends because I forgot everything 😂

without anything new, might as well go back to sharing some Classic !

I still wanna doodle people's OCs but I'm... distracted

Bringing the "draw X OC in your style" meme from twitter over, share a ref of your OC in a reply and I will draw them B)

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