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9 essential expressions meme for matteo, featuring the OOOOOOLLLLDDDD (like 3 year old) version I first did and the new, updated one I just filled out LMAO

There are parts of the old one I like better, still, but he was kinda a different character back then, too and my art was TOOOOTALLY different

for a while i've been getting sick of drawing hair
but i think i'm starting to enjoy it again because i'm sketching it differently 😩 ❤️

trying some new style stuff and seeing how it goes 🤔

some art of my boy joji, and a gift for a friend!

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high school stereotype AU but no one is the stereotype you'd expect them to be

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I need to practice drawing furries more bc it can be fun when I actually feel like I know what I'm doing lmao

anywho - Matteo!! As a coyote!! bc I wanted to 😭 He's probably talking to Ellis about something he's really excited about. Bonus: Ellis (badger) clutching at his chest bc his boyfriend is cute.

me: i’m dead inside. today more than usual.

the goth-y deli lady: i like your (bauhaus) shirt!

me: oh, thank you~ 😀
me, walking away: heck, she tricked me into being a person...

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i get depressed and anxious about my commissions/trades, but then i look at the past week and think, "why am i beating myself up over this?"

3 things finished, 2 sketched... i've done more than it feels like

@ my self loathing, heck off and let me rest!!!

in other news, i'm home alone for the first time in a while

time to play music and sing as loud as i want while making ramen

did an art challenge with my boy joji! i'm not used to drawing bigger things like this, but dang am i proud that i finished it

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I created this a few days ago to express how I've been feeling lately. What do you guys think? Can you relate?

some b&w dating sim mockups!

featuring good boy dakota and nasty man quinn. i'd like to do more of these if i can find the energy lmao

(marked for some blood and implied torture)

some of the first art i've done with my new computer, ayyy

i can finally get back to my commissions as well

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my new computer should arrive in the next few days! ahh i’m so excited to be able to do art streams and play games again

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Matteo has to train w/ his dad

Nobody likes his dad, least of all Matteo

Renee has a Bone to pick with Earnest

(RIP earnest you won't be missed)

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