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my part of an art trade! character belongs to Raven_ on toyhouse

do y'all like seeing the art process??

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when you draw instead of sleeping and suddenly it's 7am but you have no regrets
his name is alistair and i love him

have some progress pics as well!

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I've been on a pixel art binge bc I missed doing it so here's yet ANOTHER boy sgmssdjkhdf

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I love those little buggers. And will be very very cross if we don't get to see them again in .

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i've been laughing nonstop for like five minutes and my stomach hurts oghh

these dumb doodles are for @Ellteo

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Long before Matteo and Ellis were the schmoopiest romance boys you've ever seen, they were competitive little SNOBS

"Why it was my PLEASURE to help you ma'am, I did my very best."

"With HELP."

"Yes, yes, of course."

my army of pixel headshots.. it grows..

you can kinda tell what order i did them in LMAO i think i'm starting to get better!

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so I was thinking like... what if I took my main and... put her in my other (fantasy) universe... (design probably not final lol)

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Been tinkering with this on and off between client work and video editing. Its def helped work out my more depressive episodes💞 . Hopefully I'll finish it someday soon.

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saw a different doctor, and tldr; i'm all kinds of messed up lmAO,, she's putting me on steroids and i have to see a Lung Doctor™

i also get to wear this cool brace on my arm, so that's fun
kinda feels like when i had to get stitches as a kid

anyway highkey hoping this is the right road to finally feeling better 😩 💦

a year and a half later and nothing my doctor has suggested has worked, don't like that very much.. wondering if i'll need surgery again.

having surgery doesn't bother me at all, but there's no one reliable to take care of me while i recover 🤔

in other news, i'm gay and my own characters ruin me

i call these "quinn's 2AM selfies to spencer (by lamplight)"

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