still around, but i've moved to my new account @willowbone if anyone needs me

gonna be self indulgent af in 2021, happy new one y'all

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more comic redraw comparisons!!

I like the first one a lot more than I like the second one lmao but oh well!!! It's still an improvement. I really like working on these and seeing them... it feels Good.

I'm still playing around with the idea of trying to add color, but uhhh...I don't think I'm good enough at environments to pull that off just yet lmao

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I'm stupid impatient so I'm sharing the first page now - But I'm re-drawing the comic I made back in June 👀 💦

Here's a lil comparison, old on the left, new on the right!

i'm in a constant state of wishing it was Art Fight season, and then when it finally is, i'm always too busy or ill to participate as much as i'd like 😩 i need to do more art trades or something

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Also here's the timelapse for this! No audio this time bc I'm lazy jLGHDSFJF

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A couple random doodles I found while going through old 2018 files - Idk if I ever shared the first one, bc it was for a theoretical canon thing that never really went anywhere, where the boys got to deal w/ a monster that preyed on insecurity and self loathing (of which both have. plenty.) so they both ended up in tears kdnfldgjsfkhg

THE SECOND is of course Julia eats Dirt ™️ the comic but it's just the last panel KJFNGSLKJF

between 2015 and 2018 i wrote maybe four poems, and i didn't write any in 2019 iirc

it's wild to me that i've written three in just the past few days

still too afraid to post them online anywhere, but it's a start i guess? 😂 not sure that i have that kind of audience anyway, i'm not known for my writing

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Colored a lil matteo doodle I had lined and everything from like. 2019?????? I just never colored him for some reason LMAO

that little heart tickle when someone is more focused on watching you draw than working on their own art 👌

2-4am is apparently the best time for me to write poetry, or anything really

i haven’t written much poetry since early high school, but even back then i was always writing late at night in the dark

now if i could have the confidence to share my fics & poetry anywhere other than privately, that’d be cool

getting work done feels nice, but then i run out of things to do and get bored because i can't decide what to do with my free time

i made a sheet of all the items i want to get done as basics before publishing™ the game and working on updates, but there are still so many

if only i had a clone of myself to keep working on things so i can take a break but still be productive hhh

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making a little more progress on my picrew game tonight 🤞 😩

i want to have a bunch of basics done so i can publish it and then do updates over time, but we'll see

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Ada enjoying the meadows 💐
Also, thank you for 100+ follows! ❤️

i knew that making a character creator game would take a long time, and i've done a lot for it in just 2 days, but wow this is taking a while lmao

hoping that people will like it when it's developed enough to be uploaded

and if they don't then uhhhh OH WELL i'll love it by myself and be merry ✨

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indulging in some experimental personal art in-between my commissions and other stuff i owe to keep me sane lmao

i've wanted to make oracle/tarot cards for my fantasy world deities for a long time, so i finally got started on that!

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