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"It's sunrise... The others will be waking soon."

"We can fit in a few more moments just to ourselves..."

More shippy DnD art while I impatiently wait for next session.

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This is (unnamed), yogurt dispenser and generalized dairy man of the Foody Blues world.
Don't have a whole lot to say about him, other than he's ok with his existence and has clacky shoes.

i spent way too long on just a headshot, oops

Rose Garden can create powerful vines to attack or contain his targets, so he does a lot of work for The Rebellion™ as a spy and bodyguard

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They have to cross a creepy forest n Cassian is unimpressed
meanwhile Joachim is like *presses X* discomfort

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it’s weird to think that i’ve only had my favorite food maybe five times in my life

drown me in cheesecake, please
straight up end my life with it

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to people who support indie/small creators on patreon 

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@Ellteo taught me how to mod my OCs into stardew valley and you can bet i cry every time one of my boys so much as looks my way

now if i could figure out how to add heart events...

helping my brother shop for shoes and all i can think is which of my OCs would wear what shoes

thought about two of my main OCs being cute together and suddenly felt a flood of emotion??

i'm startled. help.

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I don't know why, but whenever I see a picture of a hot girl, my automatic internal reaction is "yeehaw!"

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more pixel art practice!

i'd like to make a pixel rpg or text game one day. 🤔 for now though, i'm learning what i'll need to make that happen.

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sketches for tier rewards!! As always, characters belong to @princesawyer and @Peachiepop (and me, bc Matteo is in there this time LMAO)

Wow, one of these poses looks really familiar....I wonder why..... 👀 💦 (I told y'all I'd draw the same thing 3 million times, and here I am drawing it AGAIN)

i've been practicing pixel art again, and this one so far is my favorite

i call them Death Drop for obvious reasons, and i hate them 😂

probably diving too deep into this personal project, especially when i’m not sure what i’m doing. but hey, it gives me something to do, and i enjoy it.

really hope it kicks off though, with all the work i’m putting into it. just need to be patient and keep trying. 💦

me: i'll finish 3 things i owe today, that way i'll be half done. just slam 'em out like YEEHAW.

me, after finishing 2 pieces: hm. perhaps not.

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