Spent the bulk of my Sunday on this piece and I'm really pleased with it! More Dorian/Yavuz

My motivation has been low lately because of work but here's my lovely boy, Rain! He's very guarded and cautious but he loves reading and just having time to himself.

If Ishgod and Vicaste hadn't left their homelands behind and instead stepped into the roles their families expected them to

6th of .
Today no furries but my human OC Renee who is a farmer in the German Alps. She mainly takes care of cows!

So if I tag furries with furry, how do I tag non-furry stuff, hmmm...

He committed crimes because of it but the second he was in actual trouble, whatever spirit possessed him dipped and he was never able to prove that he HAD been possessed, so he went to jail for crimes he didn't fully commit and he lives in constant fear that it will return (or that it never really left) and make him do something worse.

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Sketch of a neglected that I've been wanting to rework a bit--his name is Arthit (Art or Arty) and he was possessed for a time

This is Heloise! She's a modern-fantasy witch of mine who specializes in poisons and illusions!

She doesn't liked to be bossed around and doesn't really care much for rules.

Commission for my beloved BB_Dollies on Twitter, she bought me Skyrim and I happily drew her characters Sasaki and Oz again πŸ˜„

Here's my little toot! πŸ˜„ I offer several different styles, and I take and limited commissions as well.

Note that these are base prices (all in USD) for the lineart of a single character--color, additional characters, complex designs, props, and backgrounds will add on to the price. The full price guide and my TOS is always up to date here!: motherherbivore.weebly.com/

blood, knives and implied murder 

So here's an angsty/venty piece I did of one of my OCs, Sophie Brooks. I couldn't decide which version I liked better

Sylvari <3

I dont even play Guild Wars 2 anymore but those plant people stick like gum.
The game is great I just don't have the time anymore afters 6 years and my friends I found there switched back to WOW for reasons and my old PvE guild is pretty empty. So we play WOW for RP again.
That's fine.
But I miss my plant people, HOT was god times.

If anyone has a spare toyhou.se invite code, I'd be willing to trade a monochrome bust sketch of your oc πŸ˜„

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