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I suppose? I'm To [them/they] and I love ocs and story-telling.

Still trying to figure out where I'm going with the whole art thing. I bounce a lot between drawing ocs and drawing fanart. I love petsites and rpg/sandbox games.


today's attack, Gunther for saphleon !!

Today's attack, Ink for PirateReaper!

Another attack, this time of Nastya for DrPasta!

An attack I finished last night but was way to sleepy to post in the moment. Lily for Havenskid! Slight bodyhorror - multiple eyes on a face

Today's attack. Cera for Crystalline

Plus one more, the one I did today for
Deibo for MarzKartoons

Been forgetting to keep up on uploading my art to places. Here's four attacks I did. In order:
Andrew for CapuccinoCat
Foster for Prominence
Void for Ymsical
Devi for Jazz-Crow

i have no excuse for this other than i wanted to draw my oc Periwinkle in the outfit from PinocchioP's "Nice To Meet You, Mr. Earthling"

A series of little smols i did for myself and friends
in order:
dappervolk avatar, Coco, Kleio, and Aries!

little riolu doodle i found and decided to clean up

Redrew an old thing for that 2012 vs 2018 meme thing I saw floating around

a couple of aliens that came to me in a dream. A little spiteful imp that will only begrudgingly be your friend and a big soft boy who loves you very much and only wants to help.

Real quick + simple headshot of one of my DnD characters for her sheets. Her names Eloen and she's a ghost elf paladin.

Been burnt out creatively recently. Finished an old wip of Melina.

hey did you know we love bob

First drawing of the new year!! A gift for a friend who has a birthday tomorrow

Hi, I forgot about this site for a while, have a doodle of my oc Melina

It's hard to believe I haven't drawn these two in a couple of years. Love these plants.

[Jovi and Gracu to those curious of their names.]

Before anyone thinks I'm cool I just want to show that the most recent stuff I've drawn has all been from a Fnaf Au me and my friend share and it's been mostly the sislocs because I love them

Trying to figure out what to post here, haven't drawn super seriously in a few years and don't have a lot to show right now? Whoops. Here's some stuff that I was particularly fond of, though.

Devour, an oc. This, an oc. Ossain, an oc. And.... a duskull.