Every time, only on Masto. 😊

Me: “Wow, that’s a really cool piece of art, let’s go check out their profile!”

Their profile: “✔️ You follow each other” 🥰

(btw @ me if you post art and I don’t follow you yet, I need to seeeeeee - follow recommendations welcome as well)


@mooncube OK so I recommend you to follow @mopani - she's a little quiet that last couple of days but she still has some artworks that patiently wait to be posted. :P

@mopani Thank you, followed - very cool pieces, love the style. I‘m looking forward to the next ones! 😃

@mooncube awww thank you so much. that actually means a lot to me because I don't feel like I've already found "my style"
I will try to schedule some posts again tomorrow so there'll be more content during the following week. Hopefully. :D

@mopani Awesome! From my experience style isn‘t necessarily something you develop actively, but rather something that happens naturally as you create a lot and incorporate your favourite influences from different places. Don‘t stress over it, just do whatever feels good and right. :D

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