Moving to a new house, so not much time to be on here this week.

The same goes for the current Fetch story "Otherworldly Goods". Have nice book. Sometimes I think maybe getting a publisher, but I would need to develop a sales pitch for it. "Demon-fae cat returns to the Otherworld to care for his sick, abusive mom and fights gentrification. It's practically Star Wars."

My ultimate goal is to get all of the Wanderlost stories republished. Then collect them all. Kickstarter the collection. Have a nice book where they are all in one place. I might even do a new story, as I have a few in mind.

I post Fetch on a weekly basis, because it takes me a week to get a page drawn. If I have more free time, I draw more pages, but I keep to the weekly schedule to keep from falling behind. Because the next week I might have zero time to do anything.

Two main things I am doing art-wise: Publishing new pages of my webcomic Fetch on time; republishing Wanderlost stories three days a week. Everything else seems peripheral.

I keep forgetting to post here. It’s because I am so incredibly scattered these days, between kids, and moving to a new home, and a grandchild, and oh yeah, the general thing that surrounds us and sucks us dry.

Could anyone be less credible in condemning hatred and white supremacy?

As Robert Mueller testifies before Congress, here is a Fetch strip I did a couple years ago.

Sometimes I do caricatures, like this one of Karl Marx beating a capitalist. Commissioned by SocProf.

I have been house hunting this week, and it reminded me of this cartoon I posted three years ago. The entire West Coast is pricing out the poor and the middle class. I don't know how it's sustainable.

Fetch is the webcomic I have been working on for the past few years. It began as a weekly strip satirizing politics and my personal life. For the past year, Fetch has returned home to care for his sick mother in the Otherworld, currently beset by the forces of gentrification. Still satirical, of course. The first chapter starts here.

Howdy. I am new to Mastodon. Friends have recommended this space for a while now, and I finally got the brain bandwidth to jump in. Here is a strip I did a few years ago, featuring Fetch, the demon cat who haunts my life. This strip is the source of my profile pic.


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