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Sometimes a painting just needs another day. If you’re stuck and can’t seem to improve it no matter what, it often helps to just let it rest for a day and come back later. Distance helps a lot (which is also why crunch is so ineffective). Take the breaks you need!

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One result of my last weeks painting work
in the train.
Hope you like it.

😀 🔥 🎨 :bob_ross:

@TheGreenLibrarian Thank you, you’re right! Now that you mention it I see it, too, haha. 😃Simplifying things like this is a really good exercise that helped me pay much better attention to what I’m seeing.

@blua_floroj Thank you so much, that means a lot from a great artist like you! 🥰

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This is the second time I painted these two. They were very wonky the first time around, almost a year ago now. I like repainting things because it shows me my progress and I look at it with new eyes. Painted in .

@danielhglus Don’t let it scare you off, I have a lot of art friends who have enjoyed it all the way through and feel very differently! Which made me think I was weird for experiencing that, but by now I’ve met enough people to know that the journey is just different for everyone.

But yes, doing something you’re not good at is never easy, so I feel you (learning Houdini does that for me right now).

@JLGribble Nice, that’s really cool and a smart thing to do - both as a reference for painting and just for mixing practice. Do you feel like your understanding of colours has improved? Might give that a go, too, once I get back to traditional painting eventually.

For the longest time I found it difficult to enjoy painting (and often even drawing), it was always just a necessary grind to get better. But now that I’ve improved a bit it’s starting to grow on me! Which is a weird feeling when something that is “supposed” to be work/practice suddenly starts being fun, haha.

Have you had a similar experience with any part of your craft?

@AzureDusk10 @Karneol @david @jett1oeil @Bella @junipermonkeys @javi

Woooah hold up, I can follow pixelfed accounts from within Mastodon? Daaaaayum, consider my mind blown. 🤯🤯🤯

Super cool, thanks for the recommendations! 🤗

Through the Warrior Painters group I’m discovering so many amazing artists – right now I’m in love with the colours in Anthony Val’s art, so intense and friendly. Here’s some more of his work:

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Good day, MastoArtians! :D

It's emojo time! :bob_ross: :louis_toots_too: :make_like_edmonia:

We'd like to add a few more custom emojos to our roster, and give you lovely creative people an opportunity to design your own and submit them ^.^

Criteria: 32x32px transparent PNG. It would be extra nice if they're creativity-themed, but that's not essential. Make them fun! :D

blockrec joke 

@georgespolitzer @heartles @heartles @heartles @heartles @heartful Aah, got it - thank you! Sometimes the fediverse intricacies can confuse me and jokes end up lost on me, haha. 😄

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@heartles @heartles @heartles @heartles @heartful @georgespolitzer What is up with monads? I’m not well-versed with instance-beef, is it a bad place? Are these accounts impersonating you?

@deerbard @julloyart @deerbard Ah, yes that makes sense thank you - so I guess the Masto/Pixelfed relationship is sort of like Twitter/Insta, minus the content-slave algorithms and right-wing toxic waste. 😋

@WistfulWorld Good to know, thanks! It has a lot of features that are so much cooler than Insta, like a linear timeline and not turning you into a content slave by punishing less-than-always posting. After all the positive replies here the only thing I‘m worried about at this point is it being too empty to be worth having yet another channel to post to. But I‘ll give it a shot. 😀

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