Okay quick (genuine).

I see everybody using CWs for selfies with eye contact - is seeing photos of people looking at the camera a trigger for some, is that where it comes from? Or is it selfies in general that should be hidden?

If I were to do an “art vs artist” image (i.e. showing me and some of my work) for a new pinned intro post - which I probably don’t want hidden behind a CW - should I use a selfie with no eye contact? Or none at all?

Thank you!

@AesAthena Ahh, okay got it haha. I agree, I looked at so many different trees and plants while doing these and you can find the weirdest shapes out there. Nature is still the best concept artist, lol.

Oh cool, what kind of book cover are you working on? I enjoyed doing those a lot, it’s been a while though.

Sketchdrop no.24

Hope you’re having a great day! Drop you favourite fediverse artists in the replies, 👇 I’m looking for some more people to follow! :D

@Cheeseness Haha, is that Optimus and Bumblebee? They look amazing, very adorable. And you even animated them! 🤯
Love it.

And I feel similar, there’s so many creative avenues to explore out there.

@mmSalami Hey, that’s pretty great in my book! Things rarely turn out as we expect them to, it’s been quite a rollercoaster for me, too. But if you’re having a good time you’re probably doing something right. 😊

@Cheeseness Wow that’s awesome! How did it go?
You’re truly an all-around-talent if I ever met one, it’s always impressive to see how many different things you work on and can do! 🥳

Sketchdrop no.24 🌳🌲🌴

How has you month been this far, art gang? How did your art go? Are you looking forward to Halloween? 👻🎃😁

@AesAthena Oh no, is that the phobia re: things with holes/patterns? I’m sorry I wasn’t mindful enough to put in a cw. 😢

Very happy though that you like the others, thanks a lot! 😊

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Sketchdrop no.22 🌴

Getting a bit more variety in there - it’s wild what a wide range of shape design there is in trees!

Sketchdrop no.21 🌲🌲

Starting in ink right away without any underdrawing can seem intimidating, but it’s amazing how much it improves line confidence after a while! Even my pencil sketches are much better now thanks to it. Ink teaches to think first, then commit properly, both of which we usually half-ass with pencils.

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Sketchdrop no.20

Love drawing tree bark and figuring out ways to texture these things, following their rhythms is very calming.

@AesAthena Also “desert kid” sounds really cool, I immediately went to Dune in my head. :D

Sketchdrop no.19 - We’re switching over to trees now! :D 🌳🌴🌲
Rocks are so yesterday.

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