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Most of these shooters don’t have a “prior criminal record” because getting stopped and frisked for their skin colour in their communities isn’t a thing.

@LuigiEsq You might be onto something here. 🤔
Keep me updated, need to know what your research can dig up.

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@AesAthena Aw thank you so much, that's really nice to hear! ❤️ Nature in general is an amazing source for these things, I couldn't count how many space ships I created out of rock or plant or animal skull shapes, haha. 😋

Looking into some more beautiful plants to study: Hibiscus flower, the Amorphophallus Titanum, Aloe, and a Banana tree. Shape design is everything with plants, so much input and inspiration out there in nature!

@hyperlinkyourheart Agreed, me too! Thanks for your comment, sorry for the late reply.. 😛

@luka Good question! 3 things:

1) Take it slow. Start with 10min every day and only increase time when you're able to sustain 10 for an extended time and are used to it (~30 days w/out break).

2) Routine. Set a fixed point in your day, e.g. right after getting up, that is reserved for art/whatever every single day. Nothing else can touch that time slot.

3) Accountability. Post every day or send something to a friend every day, no matter how bad, to ensure you actually do it. :)

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Green Tea 01 🍵 🙃

I think is first one with this name, any way, starting to make some stock I can sell here and there by winter, also going to give etsy a try, have no clue as how the process is done etc. wish me luck!

Discretion adviced: Suggestive of female nudity.

For now will just spam my medias with pictures of all of my illustrations 🖌️ 🙃

#mastoart #illustration #ink #quiralta

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@TQ That's very kind of you, thanks a lot! 😍 I try to approach sketching as a learning process where the goal is not necessarily the finished piece, but understanding the object better and increasing my visual vocabulary. :)

Money stuff, mental health - 

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