Sketchdrop no.24

Hope you’re having a great day! Drop you favourite fediverse artists in the replies, 👇 I’m looking for some more people to follow! :D

Sketchdrop no.24 🌳🌲🌴

How has you month been this far, art gang? How did your art go? Are you looking forward to Halloween? 👻🎃😁

Sketchdrop no.22 🌴

Getting a bit more variety in there - it’s wild what a wide range of shape design there is in trees!

Sketchdrop no.21 🌲🌲

Starting in ink right away without any underdrawing can seem intimidating, but it’s amazing how much it improves line confidence after a while! Even my pencil sketches are much better now thanks to it. Ink teaches to think first, then commit properly, both of which we usually half-ass with pencils.

Sketchdrop no.20

Love drawing tree bark and figuring out ways to texture these things, following their rhythms is very calming.

Sketchdrop no.19 - We’re switching over to trees now! :D 🌳🌴🌲
Rocks are so yesterday.

Sketchdrop no.16
Switched over to a new sketchbook with this page, I’ve filled up quite a bit of paper by now.

Sketchdrop no.15
Getting close to the end for the series of rocks, trees are next. I started doing these to get back into a solid drawing routine and improve my coordination, but I also started just enjoying them - seeing improvement is a great motivator.

Sketchdrop no.13
I hope you’re having a fantastic day, fediverse-friends! 🥳
Got a lot done, pretty happy today. Not just art, but generally. Sending out some good vibes!

Sketchdrop no.9 incoming. 🙃
Just going at it in ink with no erasing when practicing has helped me tremendously with my line quality and line confidence. I have a good sense of trust in my hand at this point, which is pretty neat!

How is your art/practice going recently, masto artists?

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