It’s really cool when all you put down is just colourful blocks and it all comes together once you zoom out. Also good vacation vibes, napping at the seaside is the best. Created in .

The combination of an overcast scene with the sun breaking through and lighting a few patches brightly really does it for me. Had a good time painting this, better than usually. Painted in .

Aerial perspective is everything, so much depth just through subtle value and hue shifts. Tried to do the reference justice, learned a lot while working on this one. Painted in .

These two really make me want to travel again. I miss visiting beautiful architecture as much as just spending time in a cabin somewhere - just seeing the world beyond my own four walls. Hopefully I’ll get the chance soon. Painted in .

This one took me really long to finish - I paint every morning before work and noodled at this one for four or five days. The delicate architecture is beautiful, but it’s easy to get lost in detail and lose sight of the bigger picture. Painted in .

In the art book of Star Wars Solo there’s a section on how they designed the “early version” of the Millennium Falcon - what it looked like before we see it in Episode IV. Lots of cool directions, they even considered going for a Tie-Fighter or Y-Wing look!

This was a difficult painting - the transitions and colour temperature shifts between light, shadows, and reflected light are quite a balancing act. But I’m happy with how it turned out. Painted in Heavypaint.

One of the artists who has had the biggest influence on me is Jama Jurabaev. He’s the one who got me into , and keeps blowing me away with new ways to create on a regular basis – be it Blender magic or . Art at the cutting edge of tech, so cool.

This is the second time I painted these two. They were very wonky the first time around, almost a year ago now. I like repainting things because it shows me my progress and I look at it with new eyes. Painted in .

Through the Warrior Painters group I’m discovering so many amazing artists – right now I’m in love with the colours in Anthony Val’s art, so intense and friendly. Here’s some more of his work:

Some animalistic vibes between all the landscapes. Again playing with contrast of saturation, it’s very satisfying to pull back most of a painting and then create small islands of really intense colour. Painted in .

What’s your favourite art book? I love the exhibition catalogue of the Star Wars Identities show, it has so many fascinating old sketches and designs from the original trilogy. This is what Yoda could have looked like!

I find this illustration by @Gynux so adorable, and there's many more like this:

Worth a follow if you're looking to beautify your timeline, it always brightens my mood!

I painted these two a while ago, but I still like their colours a lot. The green is really intense and contrasts well against the less saturated backdrop. Saturation contrast is a great way of leading the eye. Painted in

Blue can be really beautiful. For me it was quite a revelation when I realised just how much the sky influences the colours we see outdoors, especially on ice and snow, and now I can’t not see it. Painted in .

Recently got the art book for as a gift, and it has become a big inspiration for me. Regardless of how the movie itself did, the designs and concept paintings are so cool and motivate me a lot to create.🤩

I only just discovered them, but is an amazing artist. The dynamic composition, value structure and colour palette here is so well crafted! Make sure to follow to add more fantastic art to your TL.

I love scenes like these a lot. They remind me of vacation, of the sun on my face, and of no worries other than the incoming tide making you move spots every now and then. So peaceful. Painted in Heavypaint.

Hey, I was just reading a game dev newsletter when I suddenly saw @Cheeseness in there! Recognised the screenshot right away, super cool. 🥰


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