Hey everybody, jumping back into the Twitch game.


I’ll go live in 10 min and design a heavy freighter space ship in VR from scratch using Gravity Sketch . I’ll be on from 10:00 - 15:00 CET.

See you in space! :)

Recently got an iPad, love drawing on it. Now doing my daily gesture sketches on it - with the pencil’s tilt sensitivity it feels so much like using actual charcoal. 1-2 minutes each.

Getting ready for 😱

Designed a lightsaber, what kind of Jedi do you think would wield it? Let's be honest, yellow gets way too little love.
Modelled in .

My posters just arrived! 😍
All my pieces from this year combined, so satisfying to look at and the print quality is 👌.

I had only 25 printed for a limited edition run and they are on sale now for 25€ - would you like to get one?
Numbered and signed, shipping 5€, out the door tomorrow. hmu

Okay okay here we go, time to learn colour.


Day 1

I'll do pilots and astronauts, lesgogogo. 🚀 🛰️

Hey gang, I know we're all still hungover from and and and whatnot, but apparently the next thing that's going down is , starting yesterday. Paint a picture every day in the hue designated to each day in the image below.

Are we doing this? I for one could definitely use some colour practice tbh lol, probably a nice change of pace after all that ink. Anybody in?

🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨

Artbook 🖋️

Some of you have asked about the stories I wrote for my Inktober drawings, so I created a free digital artbook for you.

It's called OFF-WORLD and features all 31 drawings and their tales:


Thanks for your continued interest, it was an intense but gratifying month.

If you'd like to support me you can buy an original at mooncube.space or get a poster of all drawings here: mastodon.art/@mooncube/1030632

Giveaway! 😱

That's it, Inktober 2019 has come to a close and it was fantastic.

I have combined all my drawings into one big A2 poster for a very limited print run of 25 - signed and numbered - for 25€.

I'm giving away 4 posters to randomly selected people who have either purchased an original drawing or signed up to my mailing list by November 5th - so head over to mooncube.space to join! 🤩

DM or E-Mail to purchase a poster.

Long-term space travel requires a strictly enforced Zero-Waste approach. The LF-491 is a small AI-controlled ship that does just that: It collects all organic matter from the large mother ship and allows it to decay over months with the help of micro-organisms. When it is “ripe”, the material can be harvested and used as soil or fertilizer in the on-board greenhouses and continue the cycle. No organic matter can go to waste - human remains included.

To prevent collisions in orbit flight paths are continuously monitored, and vessels on a risky course are immediately contacted and ordered to change their route. If there is no response, the SK7 is sent out. The large ship navigates around the offender, activates a turbo electro-magnetic field to hold it between its two arms, then changes course with the smaller ship before releasing it again, sending it off on a safe orbit - along with a pretty steep invoice.

When a star becomes unstable and is about to explode into a massive supernova, the whole system is declared off-limits - only the BT-24c is allowed near. It has the most delicate sensors and powerful quad thrusters - but what sets it apart the most are its triangular winglets. These act both as shields and shockwave absorbers, which can turn incoming radiation into an unimaginable amount of engine power, propelling the ship to safety at mind-boggling speeds.

Soon after water planetoids were discovered in the outer systems the Nauticonn 6 was developed as the first ship able to go underwater. Initially it was believed that the newly discovered planets were merely covered by all-encompassing oceans, but as Nauticonn 6 research fleets later found out they have no planetary solid core - they are essentially enormous water drops floating in space, held together by gravitational forces.

Terraco 8 was one of the last large scale space stations with nuclear reactors, and when it exploded the C26 capsule was developed. The small ship has extra thick walls that are coated with layers of radiation blocking composites. It was in action during the early stages of clean up when the radiation was still at its strongest, and used its small arm to recover reactor remains, which were the most dangerous debris and had to be taken care of first.

The Luminore FX-2 is a small AI controlled drone that is used as a mobile lighting station. Its chassis contains four strong flood lights. FX-2 drones are often used in mining facilities to light tunnels. Multiple drones can fly as a swarm to provide light for larger operations, such as when the enormous Dronn 5 research platform was lowered to the solid core of Saturn through its many gas layers - a process that took many weeks under bad lighting conditions.

The BRG-r's engine coolant transfers heat to isolated tanks at the aft of the ship, so it can be used for cooking later. And with decently powered engines, you can actually serve customers all over the globe on the same day.
The big issue is to find crews - short order cooks that can work all day are rare, and there have been reports of lost fingers since some captains push for profit so hard, that crews have to prepare food for the next gig while in flight.

Many of those born on the moon have never been to Earth. These Lunials have adapted to the low gravity all their lives and can navigate the surface elegantly.

However when it comes to visiting Earth, the youngsters have a hard time adjusting. For that reason there are three large Fynnigan 7 stations orbiting the moon which have strong gyroscopic chambers. They spin at high speeds to simulate gravity to prepare for the taxing change of environments.

To overcome resource shortages, the heavy industry brought to life a refurbishment program: they dug up ancient ships from way back that consistent of primitive metal compounds, and retrofitted them with modern engines. The term ship is misleading here however - these backwards machines couldn’t even fly, let alone reach Low Earth Orbit, so it took a lot of tinkering to make them actually useful.

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