This Russian jet, the Sukhoi SU-30 is my favourite so far in terms of design. The cockpit is above the center line, while the rest of the plane is below! It looks so alien, and has a great sense of flow to it.

Studying jets a bit more in-depth now - I find it's much more useful to learn about the things I draw and how they function rather than just copying them. That way I can reuse that knowledge for my own designs. F4 Phantom 2 in brown ink.

The mountain was angry, nobody had come to honour it on the holy day. The village was quickly abandoned, only one lone priest stayed back to face and soothe its wrath.

Painted in Quill.

Hey people, just a quick recommendation: Go follow @SulaMoon, she's an amazing artist from Brazil and a lovely person I met last year at the THU festival in Malta.

I mean holy shit, she's worked for so expect some amazing posts! 😱

Go boost.

Today I took a beautiful sketch by my friend Simone ( and repainted it in VR - here's a little look around. All design credit goes to her.

It's truly amazing to stand right inside a painting and become part of the world you just created.


One of the most effective ways to improve your figure , proportion, posing and gestures is to do quicksketches. They range from 30s to 2min, giving you no time for details. All you can put down is the essence of the pose.

is especially useful here since there's no erasing, so you learn to make confident marks and get it right the first time. (nsfw) is a good site.

These were 60s each

More sketches today - describing those complicated forms in 3D space is not easy. It's really more of a thinking exercise than it is a drawing one.

Talent is a myth.

Don't let anyone tell you that you're not "gifted" enough to do art. All it takes is patience, focus and discipline, and those can be trained.

Look for the right teachers and learning material, surround yourself with artists better than yourself, and generally work a shit ton - you can make it.

Focusing on cars for a couple of days now - getting the proportions correct is vital but also so easy to mess up.


To draw the final line for my space ship, I start out with a 2pt perspective . Grids are incredibly important if you want to be accurate and realistic.

I find the right location where my free hand sketch fits into the grid, then enlarge that part and get constructing.

Once the basic shapes are there I hide the construction and begin to detail, looking at my reference. From then on it's just patience.

Today I played with to do some . Mirror tool and random shapes, then took it into to paint over it.

Which one would you choose? 🤩

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