Busy day, so just a couple of quick ink figure sketches in brushpen today. The brush tip is a fantastic tool for figure drawing.


Use reference.

There's 3 types: 1) Inspo - other (concept) , styles you like etc. 2) Direct Reference - real world objects similar to what you're designing 3) Indirect Reference - unrelated, but has aspects you want to integrate.

Here's my reference sheet. For 3) I chose an armadillo/pangolin combo for the back shape.

From my thumbnail I do a rough sketch, starting to figure out perspective. Next: grid and using ref

no.01: Silhouette

One of the most important aspects of is the silhouette. It decides whether a design is memorable/recognizable or not. Think Darth V., Spongeb., the Enterprise, etc.

A good way to find unique silhouettes is randomized drawing. Here I used weavesilk.com (discovered by @deerbard) to create shapes which I then turned into space ship sketches.

Which one is your favourite? Which one do you want to see finalised?

I'm blown away.

I was afraid I'd lose my entire audience because of my recent name change and subsequent new account creation, but here you are, 111 people following in a matter of three days.

This is magic.

You people are the best. ❤️

The Q7-A was originally intended as a close range commuting vehicle, but was soon adopted by insurgents and smugglers when it was discovered to be small enough to pass through checkpoints unnoticed.

Racing land speeder, tinkered with way beyond regulations. Better not get caught by the authorities - but then again, at those speeds it's unlikely you will.

Hello, my name is Philipp and I'm a concept artist & illustrator.

I love science fiction, open source, Linux, and VR. I paint in , model/animate/render in , and design in VR with . My non-client work is by-sa. Lefty, vegan, life drawing lover. Occasionally nsfw art.

Homepage: mooncube.space/.

Hit me up if you have questions or requests! ❤️


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