Looking into some more beautiful plants to study: Hibiscus flower, the Amorphophallus Titanum, Aloe, and a Banana tree. Shape design is everything with plants, so much input and inspiration out there in nature!

Figure drawing from my anatomy class this week! Charcoal is lit, you can go from barely visible all the way to black with some pressure control.

The Sprout 22 is a SSTO small scale personal craft with jet propulsion for atmospheric flight and a bipropellant rocket engine for low orbital flight.

Yesterday I did a quick commission for @yncke of their enormous ship "Solar Wind", a centuries old station with living quarters, shuttle hangars and research labs.

Read the full story at nanomango.yncke.be!

Just remembered that I never posted these. Racing ship I modeled in VR using Gravity Sketch, then took it into Blender to the materials, lights, bg and rendering. :blender:

It always pains me to see when great musicians start painting their own cover art but have no idea what they are doing.

just released a new album, and he's one of my top 3 producers - I just adore his work.

But as an artist the cover he did himself is just too much for me. The first image is the type of stunning album art he used to commission, the second is the new diy one. Ouch.. 😬 😬

Music is still amazing though.

This Russian jet, the Sukhoi SU-30 is my favourite so far in terms of design. The cockpit is above the center line, while the rest of the plane is below! It looks so alien, and has a great sense of flow to it.

Studying jets a bit more in-depth now - I find it's much more useful to learn about the things I draw and how they function rather than just copying them. That way I can reuse that knowledge for my own designs. F4 Phantom 2 in brown ink.

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