Hey fam, I have some big news! Your boi just levelled up. 😛

It’s been developing for quite some time now but it’s finally official: I am now Concept Artist at Ubisoft! 😱

Major breakthrough for me, just moved this week to be on-site in Bucharest. Still feels very surreal to join the big league, seems like the grind has paid off.

That’s all, hope you have a fantastic weekend and stay awesome!

Thanks a lot for all the love, I appreciate you all a lot! 🥰

@davidrevoy Thank you so much David, much appreciated! 💜
Exciting times ahead.

@deerbard Thanks so much, will definitely do! It will likely be busy, but I‘m confident I‘ll still be doing personal sketches - it‘s a nice habit at this point and I‘m not planning on breaking my streak of daily sketching haha. :D

@mooncube Good luck out there! I hope it will be a good place to work at :)

@mooncube Congrats! What's their policy on doing work on non-Ubisoft projects in your own time?

@Cheeseness Thank youu! 🤩

Personal work that doesn’t use company resources or intel is fine afaik, haven’t yet heard of a studio that would have an issue with that. I have not talked about other paid work/freelance with them in detail yet, but I expect games industry - or AAA gigs at the very least - will be off-limits.

Though I’ll probably be pretty busy now for a while anyway and you also need to sleep here and there, haha. 😁

@mooncube Totally understand. Worth reading up on though - always good to know where you stand.

I've been surprised at how many medium-to-large studios have been stepping back from hard exclusivity requirements over the past decade or so. The kind of "we own everything you do regardless of whether we pay you for it" nonsense that used to be common also seems to be on the decline. Small steps!


Congratulations and salutations from crispy Barcelona!

Be/Keep well!

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