Do we have any artists currently living in or even around here? I’m slowly extending my local artist network here, but since I moved here during lockdown it’s been slow progress. Get in touch if you want to connect, or pass it on if you know somebody – making art with friends and making friends through art is the best!

@mooncube austria, but on the other end unfortunately :oof:

@arty Ah, that‘s a shame. But still good to know! Let me know if you‘re down for a Discord sketching session, we could schedule a tank special on the Innsbruck life drawing server! :D

@mooncube would that special feature a live tank? 😁

@arty Haha, that would be so cool! There‘s a tank museum in Vienna I want to visit some day to sketch, looks super interesting by the pictures online.

@mooncube I've been to the Panzerhalle before! it's not really huge and I think it's currently closed but it is worth a visit if you're in the area already.

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