I’ve tried this one before a while ago and it was a desaturated muddy mess – I’m definitely seeing improvements in terms of my colour perception now, which feels amazing! Created in

@mooncube Way better than I have ever could done it, it looks great for me👍

@ossifog Thank you! 🤩

Yes, this is painted from a photo.

@mooncube Sweet!

I downloaded heavy paint to try it out. I'm having trouble grokking exactly how to use it, but it seems pretty cool.

@ossifog Hey, awesome - let me know how it goes!

Yes it’s a bit tricky to get into, for me personally it helped a lot to drastically reduce my toolset to get the hang of things. So I basically just use two: Line tool, sometimes combined with the mixing mode. Usually with a low amount of colour jitter activated. I love using RGB sliders at this point, but if that’s too obscure you can switch to HSV in the settings (if it’s not default anyway). 😀

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